Our governance stands apart because of its effectiveness and transparency, the inclusion of independent members and the thoroughness of corporate controls.


Board of Directors

The Ethics Committee is responsible for promoting the Code of Ethics and Conduct and for ensuring compliance with its principles throughout CIMA+. It reports directly to the General Assembly of Partners on an annual basis.


Ethics Committee

Audit Committee

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee oversees the adoption of measures aimed at ensuring compliance with and smooth operation of internal governance practices, which involves identification of the main risks associated with activities and implementation of the systems required to manage them.

Louise Lalonde

Committee Chair

Richard Régimbald

Independent director

Gina Cody

Independent director

Human Resources and Compensation Committee 

The role of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee is to help the Board of Directors carry out its duties in terms of governance, orientation and application of compensation policies, including the share purchase program, as well as the appointment and performance of Board members, and questions related to succession planning. The Committee also makes recommendations to the Board regarding human resources practices. 

Josée Morin

Committee Chair and Independent Director

Gérard Geoffrion

Chairman of the Board

Guylaine Belley

Independant Director

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