Online Etiquette

Statement of principle

CIMA+ encourages its publics and communities to get involved on its digital platforms. This Online Etiquette Policy applies to the posting of contents on  CIMA+’s platforms. Any content that violates this policy will be deleted.

Scope of application

  • General public, including CIMA+ staff
  • Will be posted on the social media platform that allows comments (i.e. Facebook and YouTube)


We appreciate our communities and partners sharing their points of view. However, CIMA+ reserves the right to delete any content from its platforms if it:

  • Is disrespectful
  • Is offending and promotes hatred towards a group of people based on race, skin colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc.
  • Contains any of the following:
    • Crude comments
    • Hateful comments
    • Threats
    • Defamatory statements

Any content that violates CIMA+’s Online Etiquette will be deleted.

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