Energy and Power

Seasoned teams

CIMA+ cumulates decades of experience in the design and construction of power facilities in Canada and the United States. We have built or rehabilitated over 400 hydroelectric dams, and created some of the most technologically advanced wind and solar farms in the world.

Our public and private clients trust us to comply with the highest standards for these vital types of infrastructure assets, while integrating the most recent technologies in terms of sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

A comprehensive expertise from design to delivery

CIMA+ has an impressive background in the area of power generation (hydroelectric, wind, solar, thermal), transmission networks, transformer substations and power distribution networks. Comprised of more than 300 professionals, our team is involved in all phases of projects, from feasibility studies to preliminary design and detailed engineering, through to commissioning.

Our engineers and technicians are specialized in electrical, civil, and structural engineering, hydrology and hydraulics, geology and geotechnics, control and protection for substations and power plants, automation and operating interfaces, power network behaviour studies, and commissioning.

Discover our energy and power projects

Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale engineering projects.

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