Equity, diversity, and inclusion

Putting words into action, day by day

At CIMA+, we invest daily in the continuous improvement of our activities, acknowledging that the journey towards a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive company is an ongoing endeavour. In doing so, we celebrate the wealth of every experience and work towards fostering an open environment where all voices can be heard.

Our relentless approach reflects our commitment to progress, to broaden our perspectives, and to evolve. 

Today, our efforts towards Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are led by an EDI Framework and through initiatives such as our Reconciliation Action Plan. If you share our vision of taking proactive steps, feel free to contact Fanny, our Senior EDI Advisor. 

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Our EDI Framework here, at CIMA+

The EDI Framework at CIMA+ is a commitment—an ongoing effort to build a workplace that is inclusive, respectful, and representative of all identities and their intersections. Specifically, we want to keep listening to diverse perspectives and lived experiences, and relentlessly rethink, adapt, and reconsider our policies and procedures. Our goal is to ensure that the contribution and success of every person remain at the forefront of our actions.

This Framework is based on three core pillars that guide our decisions, day by day.

  1. Increase fairness
  2. Diversifying talent
  3. Create an affirming culture

Scholarships for the next generation of Indigenous students

CIMA+ will award $1,000 scholarships to Kiuna College students, the first Quebec institution dedicated to Indigenous education. Through this initiative, CIMA+ aims to acknowledge the determination of a new generation of students with unique backgrounds who face significant difficulties and challenges.

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Concrete actions for the International Women’s Rights Day

In commemoration of the International Women’s Rights Day, CIMA+ organized focus groups in our offices across Canada to discuss their role within the company. Additionally, we spoke with Caroline Codsi, IAS.A., ICD.D., President and Founder of Women in Governance, shedding light on the Parity Certification.

Explore further by watching our video

A scholarship for young Indigenous Peoples

CIMA+ has signed a five-year agreement with Indspire, pledging $25,000 in scholarships for Indigenous students. This agreement aims to contribute to Indspire’s mission of enriching Canada through Indigenous education and inspiring success.

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A scholarship for women in engineering

In September 2023, CIMA+ participated in the IngénieurE au Féminin Conference at the University of Sherbrooke. During the event, we awarded a $2,000 scholarship to Jacty Saenz, a computer engineering student, for her exceptional achievements.

See the conference page.

A partnership with EngiQueers Canada

EngiQueers is an organization celebrating, advocating, and promoting diversity and inclusion in engineering. The partnership between CIMA+ and EngiQueers is mutually beneficial: CIMA+ gains valuable training on diversity and inclusion, while EngiQueers members have the opportunity to develop their professional networks.

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Recognition for the role of women at CIMA+

CIMA+ is proud to be the first consulting engineering firm in Quebec to receive the Parity Certification from Women in Governance. The Certification evaluation includes over 75 quantitative and qualitative criteria that consider the many facets of diversity in women’s career advancement. In fact, our commitment has been recognized by journal Les Affaires as well.

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CIMA+ Action Plan for Reconciliation

At CIMA+, we recognize the legal and constitutional rights of Indigenous Peoples. Our actions and decisions are driven by the aspiration to cultivate greater respect for their values, traditions, and ancestral knowledge.

Our Action Plan for Reconciliation is the tangible manifestation of these commitments. Its objectives are to foster a workplace that honours the history of Indigenous Peoples and contributes to reconciliation. Our goal is to develop innovative programs that build and strengthen relationships with Indigenous communities. But above all, we envision a world of possibilities where future landmark projects emerge from authentic collaboration, the clash of ideas, and the convergence of knowledge.

The responsibility lies with us to turn them into reality.

See our reconciliation action plan (PDF)

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Meet four extraordinary and inspiring women who contribute to the success of CIMA+ every day.

Rachel Coombs,
Civil Engineer in Training (IEF)
Zohra Houam,
Senior Specialist Building and Structure Technician
Zoe Redford,
Transportation Engineering Project Manager
Jaime Boutilier,
Services Manager, Infrastructure

At CIMA+, we firmly believe that equity, diversity, and inclusion must be more than intentions. We recognize that our journey towards continuous improvement is crucial, and we are committed to taking concrete steps to catalyze change.

We understand that the cumulative impact of everyday actions can shape the world, and thus, we actively encourage our employees to take the initiative. Listening, collaborating, helping each other, and continuously improving our structures, processes, practices, and policies are at the heart of our teams’ well-being. Our ultimate objective is to establish an environment where every individual not only fully participates, but also contributes meaningfully, fostering their path to success.

Day by day, we forge the future, and every gesture counts. 


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