Transportation electrification

Our society agrees that it is urgent to remedy climate change by significantly reducing our GHG emissions. The transportation sector is responsible for nearly a third of Canada's emissions. One of our priorities is therefore to review our modes of travel and deploy technologies that are more respectful of the environment, by promoting sustainable mobility in all its aspects.

We're here to help you make the energy transition to electrification and adopt sustainable mobility measures.

Thanks to an approach based on collaborative, multidisciplinary innovation, underpinned by technical engineering expertise and stakeholder consultation, CIMA+ sets itself apart by providing customized support to meet each of the major challenges identified. Our support starts with the process of brainstorming and strategy creation, right through to the implementation of major garage transformation projects and the adoption of charging infrastructure through detailed engineering projects.


More specifically, we provide the following services, from design to commissioning:

  • Development of an electrification strategy specific to each fleet and type of activity, for various alternative technologies (batteries, hydrogen)
  • Cost and risk analyses for the development of business cases
  • Feasibility studies to review existing infrastructure assets and sites and propose realistic roll-out solutions for charging stations
  • Technical support for the acquisition of new equipment (rolling stock and recharging and filling infrastructure assets)
  • Support in managing energy use (recharging, energy demand peaks)
  • Detailed design for the installation of public or private charging stations
  • Creation of detailed engineering drawings to enable the expansion and improvement of buildings and parking spaces
  • Support from the design of new buildings through to their construction
  • Upgrading of IT systems and staff training
  • Recruitment and training of an IT team for systems management
  • Change management (modification of existing business processes, service planning, evolution of tasks and roles)
  • Ongoing training on emerging technologies in transportation electrification
  • Analysis of the environmental impact of the project and of the life cycle of the batteries and of the impact of battery production on the environment


Transportation electrification: facts and figures

 charging station with car

By 2035,
of new light vehicles sold must be zero emission.
Canadian government target to completely transition Canada's bus fleets.
CIMA+ installed
public charging stations (slow and fast charge).
CIMA+ has already helped nearly 20 public transit companies in Canada to electrify their fleets.

Discover our transportation electrification projects

Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale engineering projects.

CIMA+: a unique partner for all your engineering needs

We pride ourselves on our agility. By taking a multidisciplinary approach to our projects, we can respond to an ever-changing market and offer our clients sustainable transportation electrification solutions. From brainstorming and strategy to design and construction management, you will benefit from streamlined collaboration for projects delivered quickly, on time.

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