BIM – Digital project delivery

The issue of public infrastructure assets’ useful life is directly linked to our ability to retrieve and analyze data related to our projects. This source of information allows us to design smart, digitally operated engineering systems through models specifically developed to monitor and evaluate the performance of infrastructure assets, something we excel in.

Multidisciplinary collaboration is central to the success of this conceptual approach focused on maximizing the durability and resiliency of buildings, industrial sites, transportation and municipal infrastructure assets, and developments. It also aims at optimizing the impact of each dollar invested in the quality of infrastructure assets in this age of climate upheavals and growing pressures on the budgets of states and corporations.


The BIM process is a method used for modelling, processing, and harnessing data.

The CIMA+ digital design team is active in all engineering, architecture, and urban planning areas. Based on a very diversified experience, this expertise helps our clients achieve their objectives in terms of performance, reliability, durability, and resilience. It allows us to create informative and dynamic digital environments that are used daily, throughout the lifecycle of an infrastructure asset, whether new or existing.

Investments made today will be evaluated based on their performance over the next few decades, which will be marked by climate change. The 3D models created by the CIMA+ team are used to simulate the impact of various disruptions, either in terms of energy performance, stormwater management, GHG emissions or seismic resistance. In order to face 21st century challenges, our clients need responsive infrastructure assets and predictive models that allow us to anticipate their degree of resilience and manage their performance. It is our ability to digitally design and operate infrastructure assets that allows us to adequately plan upgrades to be performed during their lifecycle, based on a real-time monitoring of systems and adequate initial design.

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