Asset management

Asset Management (AM) involves the coordinated activities of an organization to realize value from assets. AM is broader than simply managing day-to-day activities and maintaining assets. It is an integrated approach that leverages other management systems, such as quality, environment, health and safety, and risk management, to support an organization's asset management process. The objective is the coordinated activity of an organisation to realize value from assets.

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A reference for asset management

Managing and maintaining assets is a major challenge. It is essential to have both an in-depth knowledge of the assets and a clear strategy in place. Firstly, it is important to understand asset management at a strategic level, in order to align it with in- field practices and ensure we can provide added-value services to our clients. The primary difficulty consists of implementing a governance and planning system to achieve both strategic and functional objectives. To do this, it is important to defingand implement an action plan based on corporate needs and objectives.’

At CIMA+, we address these challenges by offering Asset management advisory and accompaniment support services for your projects. Following is an overview of what we can do for you :

  • Development of asset management strategies
  • Analysis of the existing situation vs objectives to determine the organization’s maturity level
  • Data management mapping to facilitate the visualization and understanding of their life cycle
  • Asset management and BIM process alignment to the organization’s information governance
  • Development of an action plan for the rolling out of corporate strategies
  • The development of recommendations and avenues for reflection to facilitate the implementation of the AM process

In addition, we offer the following services to accompany our clients:

Advisory services

ISO 19650

The ISO 19650 standard builds on the principles of ISO 55000 for the development of requirements and strategies related to information and data governance of assets.

  • Guiding the management and development of information, such as digital data, to answer the right questions at the right time.
  • Planning data and information management within the digital transformation context.

ISO 55000

  • Providing requirements and best practices for effective asset management
  • Defining the objectives of asset management and asset management systems


Planning, designing, building and managing buildings and infrastructure through a 3D model-based intelligent process.


Managing the operation and maintenance of buildings and their components throughout theirlife cycle, based on the BIM process.


Addressing the life cycle of data to create value for your organization through Asset Management (AM).

Our teams not only specialize in advisory services, but also have the engineering expertise to design and implement systems. As a result, our experts fully grasp the organizational needs, objectives and realities of asset management.

Our expertise: facts and figures

The achievements of CIMA+’s project management team span more than 20 years and speak for themselves.

More than 170 employees in project management
Partners / Associate partners
ongoing projects
Total project value of $25B

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Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale projects.

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Geneviève Crête,
Partner – BIM, Information Governance and project management director
Vanessa Chau, P.Eng., MIAM
Associate Partner, Senior Director – Project Management


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