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Our integrated project services allow for the successful delivery of complex or large-scale projects. With experts in multiple niche areas, such as cost control, planning, information governance, estimating, risk management and quality assurance, our team leverages its in-depth knowledge of project management, and puts forward proven practices and cutting-edge technologies to guide your projects towards success.


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Numerous organizations face challenges during the delivery of their projects, such as delays, additional costs, or unforeseen events. The integrated project services team acts as a safety harness to ensure that time, costs, and project quality objectives are met.

Our experts fully understand all these challenges that can occur and help you control them. The integrated project services team represent a genuine one-stop-solution by offering advanced expertise with adaptable approaches for each project. We collaborate with your teams to ensure the success of your projects, from planning to commissioning.

Our expertise: facts and figures

The achievements of CIMA+’s project management team span more than 20 years and speak for themselves.

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More than 170 employees in project management
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Total project value of $25B

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Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale engineering projects.

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Rely on our multidisciplinary professionals to meet your requirements and expectations. For your project, we can offer you a full range of engineering services—from start to finish.

Cost control

Cost control is all about introducing more predictability into a project, which is, by definition, ever-changing. Rigorous cost control provides greater oversight into the financial health of the project for timely decision-making.

  • Implementing cost control plans for projects or program management
  • Developing budgets and cash flows
  • Tracking trends, changes and forecasts
  • Tracking actual costs and project accounting
  • Tracking progress and controlling performance through earned value
  • Preparing progress and status reports
  • Preparing dynamic dashboards by our PowerBI experts

Véronique Gélinas, ing., MGP, PMP, Partner – Integrated Project Services


The purpose of project planning is to identify and sequence work according to priorities and to monitor its progress in order to detect any delays that may occur during its completion.

  • Developing robust baseline schedules, including effort leveling and critical path analysis in Microsoft Project and Primavera
  • Reviewing work constructability and sequencing
  • Schedule updates based on progress and performance analysis
  • Managing schedule changes and impacts
  • Developing linear “Railway” schedules with Tilos
  • Qualitative and statistical analyses of the quality of supplier schedules.

Véronique Gélinas, ing., MGP, PMP, Partner – Integrated Project Services

Claim management

The purpose of claim management is to guide the analysis and resolution of conflicts that may arise due to a multitude of causes, such as unforeseen additional costs, schedule delays or discrepancies with the promised quality.


  • Assessing claims (admissibility and quantitative analysis)
  • Providing expert advice in the event of a dispute
  • Guiding the client through the arbitration process
  • Negotiating out-of-court settlements
  • Project realignment under the mandate of the receiver or bond issuer.Preparing claims for or by clients
  • Client accompaniment in settlement conferences settlement conference support or involvement
  • Assisting prosecutors and as an expert witness in court

Véronique Gélinas, ing., MGP, PMP, Partner – Integrated Project Services


In a very competitive market with diverse economic trends, an accurate cost assessment is crucial to the success of your project.

  • Preparing cost projections based on the market and short, medium and long term trends
  • Estimating construction costs from concept to construction plans
  • Developing master cost plans for projects in accordance with the best practices established by the AEÉCQ, ICEC and RICS
  • Conducting cost and schedule analysis and comparisons
  • Assessing productivity rates based on work conditions
  • Estimating and negotiating construction site modifications
  • Supports clients as experts in dispute resolution

Véronique Gélinas, ing., MGP, PMP, Partner – Integrated Project Services

Information governance

Information governance is a proactive approach to controlling the flow of information in a project through the implementation of roles, procedures and control measures to ensure the availability and quality of data. It covers all aspects of managing digital and physical documents, databases, metadata and any other type of project management, asset management and maintenance information.

The main objectives in this expertise is firstly the management of good information usage. Then, we focus on record keeping, deliverable tracking, document management, auditing and security, all in order to anticipate and prevent potential conflicts and litigations.

In today's world, CIMA+ offers a process for integrating digital technology into every aspect of a business that require fundamental changes, such as its culture and operations.

With our processes and procedures, clients have quick access to documentation that is complete and meets  the highest standards and requirements. Our Document Management team provides support to technical teams, right from the beginning of the project.

  • Support and optimization of ecosystems allowing collaboration, management and centralization of information to avoid duplication Managing the conservation of critical documents and the project's history
  • Managing traceability, accessibility and security
  • Ensuring the integrity and durability of the information (life cycle)

Geneviève Crête, Partner – BIM, Information Governance and project management director

BIM/VDC management

CIMA+ offers cutting-edge, value-added services,  by the integration of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) approach into all of its project management and delivery practices.

BIM is an intelligent process based on 3D models for planning, designing, constructing and managing infrastructure and buildings. It is a process based on a centralized work environment, supported by interoperable technology to share information and data.

BIM/VDC is also a collaborative process that helps optimize a project through the use of the  latest technology. Our clients benefit from rigorous monitoringof the  the initial program, a bettercontrol of costs and schedules,and in some cases, fewer errors and omissions on the job site. We provide stakeholder collaboration from Day 1.

  • Consulting and support services for clients, projects and implementation teams
  • Implementing a BIM process tailored to your objectives and situation
  • Establishing rules for obtaining and maintaining reliable project documents
  • Developing a strategy for the recovery, integration and transfer of your data
  • Setting objectifs and a methodology for managing and maintaining assets
  • Creating an ecosystem that ensures collaboration and centralization of information
  • Implementing 3D coordination principles throughout every project phase
  • Maximizing collaboration amoung stakeholders
  • Creating a roadmap for implementing the BIM approach and related processes (corporate or project)
  • Support during the digital twin implementation
  • Developing a geomatic data integration strategy (GIS - Geographic Integration System)

Geneviève Crête, Partner – BIM, Information Governance and project management director

Quality assurance

Our mission is to deliver effective quality management solutions that bring together the entire spectrum of quality assurance principles and techniques to manage your organization's quality management system. The objective is to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

  • Implementing a quality management system at all stages of a project within your organization
  • Providing project quality assurance
  • Developing quality processes and procedures
  • Performing system and in-field audits
  • Reviewing quality assurance and project management documents
  • Establishing and implementing performance indicators
  • Conducting gap analysis
  • Providing quality control
  • Monitoring specific project activities

Claudia Gomez, P.Eng., Associate partner – Senior Manager Quality Management

Integrated Design Process (IDP)

Our Integrated Design Process (IDP) approach is a collaborative, multidisciplinary process that begins at the start of the project and aims to  to generate integrated, optimal, innovative and sustainable solutions.

  • Precise Targeting of the objectives of IDP workshops
  • Providing independent process facilitation by a team with large-scale project expertise and experience
  • Guiding the design approach to mutually compatible systems
  • Raising the performance and coordination standards of the design team
  • Supporting decision-making to smart, sustainable choices, developed with (and for) operations, based on the delivered infrastructure

Skillfully conducted and guided by clearly defined functional, environmental and economic objectives, the IDP results in a high-performance, optimal and cost-effective buildings throughout their life cycle.

"A process that adds value, based on these factors:

  • Competence and motivation
  • Trust and respect
  • Managing divergent objectives
  • Information sharing
  • Aligning performance objectives with the team"

Isabelle Feng, P.Eng., MBA, MGP, PMP, Partner – Project Director

Value analysis

Value analysis is a systematic method for optimizing the value of a project by achieving its objectives at the lowest cost.

  • Analyzing project inputs (such as objectives, key players, budgets, plans and specifications)
  • Organizing and leading value analysis workshops with project stakeholders:
    • Breaking down the project into basic functions
    • Developing optimization solutions for each function
    • Monetizing and quantifying each optimization (and selecting the most promising solutions)
    • Developing and presenting optimization scenarios to the project management team
    • Monitoring post-implementation optimization scenarios

Véronique Gélinas, ing., MGP, PMP, Partner – Integrated Project Services

Best practices, according to our experts

Véronique Gélinas,
ing., MGP, PMP, Senior Director - Planning, Cost Control and Estimation
Claudia Gomez,
P.Eng., Associate partner – Senior Manager Quality Management
Isabelle Feng,
P.Eng., MBA, MGP, PMP, Partner – Project Director
Geneviève Crête,
Partner – BIM, Information Governance and project management director


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