Mining and metals

Today's mining companies are innovating, revitalizing and reshaping how they operate to be more eco-responsible. They have the important responsibility of implementing the main principles of the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM).

Mining companies contribute to industrial developments and the fight against climate change by providing the valuable natural resources that are essential to our society’s energy transition. The Canadian subsoil is namely rich in lithium, nickel, graphite and cobalt, minerals that are essential in the production of batteries for electric vehicles. When mines operate responsibly, they can create jobs and are vectors of change in transportation electrification and several other regional and national economic issues.



Cost-effective and tailored solutions

Due to the substantial costs of developing mining operations, companies in this industry face many challenges. Their infrastructure must be tailored to extensive production levels and require multiple infrastructure assets, such as:

  • Electrical distribution networks
  • Ore processing or transformation plant
  • Maintenance garage
  • Mine tailings site
  • Water management and treatment system
  • Transportation system (road, rail and marine)
  • Workers’ camps

The location of the mines, often on sites far from major cities or in the arctic regions with cold and rugged terrain, also brings its own set of challenges.

The materials that the mines need must often be transported in pieces on barges that only operate a few months a year. The northern climate requires equipment that can operate at -40 degrees Celsius and the use of the heat generated by the machinery. Even hundreds of kilometres from the local power grid, mines must process ore, requiring considerable energy.

Mining operations located near urban centres must earn the social acceptability with the local population.

CIMA+ teams, who have many years of experience in mining sites, know how to deal with these challenges by adapting their engineering. For example, when buying new equipment is not an option, our mining specialists are at their best. They make sure to extend the life of expensive corroded or worn equipment and structures without compromising safety. They conduct case studies and streamline flow sheets to increase production and ore recovery rates. They solve potential problems during the handling, crushing, grinding, classification, dewatering or beneficiation process to minimize downtime and make maintenance easier.

At every project stage, the expertise, flexibility, and quick turnaround time of our teams ensure the sustainability of mining facilities, operational and energy efficiency, worker safety, process automation and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction. Their goal is clear: meeting the needs of eco-conscious clients who also want to be profitable.

Our tailored designs come from decades of delivering brownfield engineering projects.

The vast majority of our specialists have spent years on clients' construction sites and facilities. As a result, their designs take into account a host of important details that facilitate constructability, operations and maintenance.

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Active mining clients
Mining projects per year
In-house disciplines
Production increase and equipment refurbishment

Our professionals know the material handling equipment suppliers and the qualities and defects of their products. Whether for conveyors, grinders, filters, or thickeners, we can provide you with advice on the best options.

Our team has solved a long list of failures, and overseen many increases in capacity, always within budget.

Mine-to-port engineering

Our staff have extensive experience in key mine-to-port components such as bulk handling design and implementation, dock design and repair (including in northern climates), as well as rail spur design, and loadout towers.

For example, when a stacker’s mechanical failure was preventing the unloading of a vessel at a cost to our client of $10,000 a day, CIMA+ quickly developed a rolling repair procedure after review and analysis.

In the framework of another project, we designed the structure, foundations, and electrical system of a train car unloading station located at the hub exit of the site. The project included conveyors, buffer silo and hopper to allow the concentrated ore to be transported to the railway leading to the marine terminal.

Design adapted to northern climates

After completing more than 1,000 projects in northern areas, we understand all the obstacles and constraints that our mining clients face.

Limited marine transportation of goods | We plan for a one- to two-month yearly window of transportation and we design with the materials already on site.

Design for northern climate | We comply with all applicable standards pertaining to buildings in northern regions.

Modularization strategies for constructability | Used to maximize on-site assemblies

Enforce equipment warranties

When one of your critical engines is lagging, we can help you repair it at the best possible price. Our electrical engineers are here to negotiate with manufacturers, and give you a clear view of the condition of your motors and of their warranties.

A passion for mining and metals

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I have been on the client side for over 20 years, working on studies and projects with the support of the engineering players from Quebec, Canada and world wide. I decided to join my destiny to CIMA+ because we share values and visions. CIMA+ has teams of skilled and knowledgeable people with complimentary strengths, driven by value addition, hard work, innovation, and a willingness to go on site when it matters. »

Sylvain Descombes, P.Eng.
Consulting Expert – Mining and Metals

One-stop-shop: the best of both small and large firms

Our teams have extensive experience at every stages of mining projects . They are supported by hundreds of experts ready to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients.

We also work closely with discipline leads, suppliers, operators, and contractors, in addition to having experienced technical teams available far from major urban centers.

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