Power transmission and distribution

From everyday life to holiday celebrations, everything we do rely on the transmission of electricity from power stations, mainly through giant towers and underground systems. The importance of this infrastructure has been proven many times over. Transmission lines supply power to northern regions and large cities alike, over hundreds of kilometres of rugged terrain. The reliability of our power distribution system has a direct impact on both our quality of life and our ability to attract multinational companies which ensures our economic and social prosperity.


Canada’s largest power transmission and distribution team

The impact of climate change requires the reinforcement or upgrading of transmission lines and distribution networks all over the world. Public and private utility companies are currently assessing the resilience of their infrastructure and ensure an adequate mitigation plan will be in place. Since resources are limited, knowing where to start is not always obvious.
Because the lines located in rugged terrain or over bodies of water are difficult to upgrade, cooperation with government authorities is necessary to ensure the issuing of applicable environmental permits.

Moreover, integrating new lines must be done in harmony with the existing network, and the new technology must be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cost-effective.

At CIMA+, we respond to these challenges with a multidisciplinary approach that provides direct access to all the engineering expertise our clients require to build or upgrade their power transmission and distribution system. We have a one-stop-shop approach that includes environmental assessments, project management and control, infrastructure, telecommunications, transportation, and urban planning.

From conventional power grids to renewable energy, our experts have completed major projects for a multitude of utility companies across the country, working and assisting with projects for public and private clients. We provide solutions that go beyond standard industry practices, and we consistently meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Our expertise: facts and figures

CIMA+’s achievements span more than 30 years and speak for themselves.

$32M+ in fees per year

Our specialized services

Rely on our multidisciplinary professionals to meet your requirements and expectations. We offer a full range of engineering services to successfully deliver your project, from start to finish.

Distribution system planning

CIMA+ works in cooperation with private and public utilities to develop the 5–20 year planning study of their distribution systems, for existing generation and future growth plans. The work includes:

  • Analysis and development of distribution operating maps, system models and transformer and feeder loading.
  • Identification of system losses.
  • Equipment and conductor sizing.
  • Voltage optimization.
  • Any other infrastructure upgrade required to supply the 5–20 year forecasted loads.
Non-linear structural analysis

For the past decade, CIMA+ has been designing and performing non-linear structural analysis as part of all distribution and transmission projects for various utility companies. Future standards will include new and more stringent requirements for the analysis of pole structures, namely a mandatory non-linear analysis of T&D wood, steel, concrete, and composite structures. Our expertise in this field allows us to offer the following:

  • Workshops to better understand the difference between non-linear and linear structural analyses.
  • Software analysis in accordance with non-linear structural analysis requirements of standards, before utility companies commit to buying the software.
  • Reviewing and adapting public utility companies’ overhead standards to match new mandatory non-linear structural analysis requirements.
Network hardening

Many North American public utility companies have developed programs to “harden” their distribution systems in order to protect them against the increasing effects of severe weather such as heat waves, hurricanes, ice storms, etc. Most programs consist of enhanced vegetation management and construction standards. After a severe weather event, resiliency measures are combined with hardening to re-start / reboot the distribution system as soon as possible.

Standard development

CIMA+ has leading-edge expertise in the design and review of electrical distribution standards for aerial and underground distribution networks. Our strength comes from everyday experience with a large variety of utilities and industry standards.

Overhead and underground system upgrades

CIMA+ provides assistance to utility companies for the implementation of their networks, including, drawings for construction, analysis, and approval of detailed engineering, and joint use requests submitted for overhead and underground networks.

Our comprehensive and varied experience with this type of project allows us to quickly adapt to each client’s standards, design methods and calculation tools, such as Simpas, PLS-CADD and SPIDACalc.

Network voltage conversion

CIMA+ has delivered numerous projects for the conversion of overhead and underground electrical networks for public utilities. They involve a pre-engineering evaluation (pole line assessment) to assess the existing network condition and identify the components that need to be replaced or modified, prior to voltage conversion.

Network relocation

Our team has carried out several relocation projects for road authorities, cities, and public utility companies, among others. As network relocations often take place in congested areas, and involve multiple stakeholders, projects of this magnitude can be challenging. Designing a new pole line not only requires technical skills, but foresight in order to avoid conflicts with gas and telecommunications equipment, storm sewers, streetlights, sidewalks, landscape, bus pads, retaining walls, environmentally sensitive areas, etc.

Discover our power transmission and distribution projects

Over the past 10 years, CIMA+’s transmission and distribution team has completed more than 250 transmission lines ranging from 69 kV to 735 kV, 500 substations ranging from 4.16 kV to 735 kV, 8,000 distribution networks for overhead and underground designs and many smart grid projects including energy storage solutions. Our long-term relationships and approaches are the key elements of our success with our clients and business partners.

Our statement

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“We offer full-service in power transmission and distribution, from power plants to private homes. We are a one-stop-shop. When clients call us, they know they will have the complete set of services under one roof. We provide in-house collaboration within our disciplines, which means fewer mistakes during the design, thus reducing change orders for the contractors, and meeting schedules and budgets more easily.”
Karl Olechnowicz, P.Eng.
Executive Senior Director, Power Transmission & Distribution

CIMA+: a one-stop solution for all your engineering needs

We are proud of our multidisciplinary approach. By offering you everything under one roof, you benefit from a simplified collaborative approach to deliver projects quickly and on time.

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