Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is about anything that hums, moves, rolls, and runs … anything that is powered by a driving force. Our mechanical engineers can optimize a vast array of crucial items: from complete ore processing lines to specific equipment required within commercial buildings or hydroelectric plants.


Whether it is in the industrial sector, for manufacturing goods, for energy production or waste management and water treatment, mechanical engineering is an essential expertise. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the integration of sustainable development principles into industrial operations, which contributes to reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption of facilities.


Mechanical engineering is involved in all areas of our society and across most industries.

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Mechanical engineering can address many issues affecting your facilities, whether you want to reduce energy consumption or increase production. It can provide solutions to the following challenges:

  • Reduction of the consumption of energy and raw materials such as water.
  • Waste reclamation and process water recycling.
  • Refurbishment or addition of heavy or large equipment in crowded and space-constrained plants.
  • Capacity increase of an existing production line.
  • Resolution of process water or slurry overflow issues.
  • Floor space planning and redesign of process systems.
  • Design aimed at achieving carbon neutrality.
  • Energy modelling and refurbishment aimed at achieving sustainability goals and KPIs.

Our mechanical engineering teams solve a host of production and operational problems. They ensure the implementation of all process equipment, simple or complex, and have a vast expertise in industrial piping, including the definition of pump and valve specifications to meet specific needs.

Our design and prefabrication processes allow for effective installations without plant shutdowns or with minimal downtime. We offer complete services, from integrating equipment into existing operating areas to building complete greenfield plants. Some of our areas of expertise include:


  • Failure diagnosis, troubleshooting and recommendations.
  • Capacity increase, needs assessment and “fit for purpose” and “fit to use” equipment selection.
  • Evaluation and improvement of pumps and plant floor retention capacity, tank operating levels and piping volumes.
  • Automation and addition of process water and isolation valves to existing pumps.
  • Design of drinking water and wastewater treatment systems.


  • Design of HVAC heating and cooling systems for buildings and facilities.
  • Design of plumbing and fire protection systems.


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