The CIMA+ advantage

At CIMA+, we firmly believe that free spirits serve as the crucial wellspring of our creativity and achievements. We also understand that these minds need freedom to thrive. That's why we offer a diverse range of benefits that give our employees the space to breathe, explore, and enjoy their personal lives. Immerse yourself in an environment that honours your uniqueness and empowers you to shine both professionally and personally. Welcome to a bright way to work. 

Tailor-made insurance and savings programs

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Life is inherently unpredictable, and we recognize the importance of providing continuous support to our employees—both during their time with us and beyond. That's why our life, disability, and health insurance plans are crafted to suit your individual circumstances. And CIMA+ helps you invest in a more comfortable future, with options for retirement plans (RRSPs in Quebec and RSPs in the rest of Canada) and tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs).
Above all, our personalized insurance and savings plans are designed to assure you and your family are safeguarded. Welcome to a place where you truly matter.


A respected work-life balance

At CIMA+, prioritizing work-life balance is central to our philosophy. That's why we provide a range of benefits, such as flexible working hours, time banks, hybrid working and overtime pay, enabling you to manage your time to suit your needs. Our commitment to work-life balance is further emphasized through our new right to disconnect and balance charter, aiming to support employees in fully detaching from work during their personal time. Additionally, our team members enjoy exclusive discounts on gym memberships, DELL and Microsoft software and computers, Bell products, select mortgage offers, and more.

So, welcome to CIMA+, where we believe you deserve a balance that allows you to shine both at work and outside.


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An adapted and inclusive assistance program and services

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Our company believes in the richness of diversity, and we recognize that each individual has specific needs. Our dedication to inclusion is reflected in tailored benefits designed to cater to everyone. Among other things, we offer gender-affirming insurance and products adapted for those facing specific health problems such as diabetes. Our employee assistance program is also thoughtfully curated to address the diverse physical and mental health needs of every individual—without exception.

Welcome to a workspace where we recognize that balance is more than just a concept in a yoga class.


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