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Mobility is part of everyone's daily life. Over the years, the means offered to the population to respond to their need for mobility have changed. Transport systems are becoming fairer, safer, and more compatible with people’s health and the environment and offered at a reasonable cost. These networks, which formerly prioritized vehicular traffic, are optimized to ensure better sharing of the space available to the different modes of transport, thus in favour of active modes and alternatives to solo driving. Universal access, safety, comfort, user-friendliness and functionality are at the centre of sustainable mobility in the communities of today and tomorrow.


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Safe, functional, accessible, and sustainable mobility networks

A safe and functional coexistence of different modes of travel as well as an equitable, comfortable, universally accessible, and safe sharing of the road are major challenges for which our experts can assist you.

Over the years and through the many projects carried out, CIMA+'s Mobility and transit team has become a leader in the development of safe, functional, accessible, innovative, and environmentally friendly mobility networks adapted to the needs of current and future generations. We put forward our multidisciplinary expertise in sustainable mobility for the benefit of the population and our clients in the public and private sectors.

By collaborating with us, our clients obtain excellent, efficient and innovative work that meets the needs and challenges specific to their road environment. Our experts offer personalized supervision and support while demonstrating great transparency in these discussions and communications.

Our expertise: facts and figures

CIMA+’s achievements in mobility and transit span more than 30 years and speak for themselves..

Team of 120 employees in nine offices that include 5 PhDs with a major in transportation engineering
Operating in three provinces in Canada
projects completed annually (2021)
Two awards won (TAC) and Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA)

Our specialized services

Our competencies include traffic and parking, data collection and processing, lighting and traffic signals, active and sustainable mobility, transportation planning, road safety, public transit, expert opinion and testimony, transportation policy and micro-simulation modelling.

Traffic and development concept

CIMA+ has acquired solid expertise in mobility studies related to impact on traffic (for the public and private sectors), accessibility, transportation of goods, parking, and warrants for intersection control modes. Our experts offer a complete range of services for your projects, from collecting traffic data to recommending geometric or functional solutions to specific analyses based on the applicable standards.

Data collection and processing

CIMA+ possesses all of the necessary knowledge, equipment and tools to carry out mobility field surveys: traffic counts (vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists) using JAMAR devices, “Miovision” cameras and Nu-Metrics magnetic plate sensors, actual-speed surveys carried out manually using radar or automatically using Nu-Metrics plates, trip-time surveys using GPS, field visits to determine visibility distances, in-place static and dynamic signage, geometric configuration of intersections and arteries under study, etc.

The professionals at CIMA+ will guide you through the processing, interpretation and presentation of these various types of data based on your specific needs and your particular issues.

Lighting and traffic signals

Projects that are carried out in this field include photometric studies and surveys, implementation analysis and the planning and design of traffic signals or roadway lighting systems. Our specialized team puts its expertise at your disposal, from the preliminary design package to plans and specifications, as well as studies related to design concepts, synchronization or optimization of the operational efficiency of the signals and lighting systems. The CIMA+ team stands apart for its thoroughness and advanced knowledge, and for the quality of its deliverables.

Active and sustainable mobility

The implementation of incentives for active transportation and alternatives to single occupancy vehicle use takes on great importance for public and private sector stakeholders. Projects and interventions that encourage pedestrian or bicycle travel, or any mode of transportation other than single occupancy vehicle use, also influence the development of our cities and contribute to the creation of pleasant and healthy living and working conditions. Our team will guide you through the analysis, planning and design of interventions and installations that promote active and sustainable modes of transportation while ensuring universal accessibility.

Transportation planning

Transportation planning means organizing the mobility of persons and goods in a sustainable and innovative manner, taking into account the impacts on health, the environment and socio-economic development. This requires a vision as well as clear and measurable goals. Our team of experts will provide you with support in designing local mobility plans and carrying out a variety of studies (opportunities, needs, solutions, etc.).

Road safety

Road safety is an issue all over the world. In Canada, the 2025 Road Safety Strategy (RSS) proposes initiatives and solutions aimed at ensuring that our roads are among the safest in the world. CIMA+ plays a key role in the initiatives that it puts forward, with a view to ensuring that infrastructure does not increase accident risk, while considering the human factor.

Our experts can conduct various types of studies related to road safety, including development of Vision Zero strategies and measures, collision-type analysis, field surveys of geometric deficiencies, observation of risky behaviours, designing of measures to increase the safety and user-friendliness of road infrastructures for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, as well as production of collision prediction models.

Expert opinion and testimony

Expert opinion reporting is an important tool for municipalities, lawyers and insurance adjusters in understanding applicable traffic engineering standards and practices, and in identifying the compliance, risks, or potential issues following a collision.

CIMA+ provides traffic engineering opinions augmented by research and enhanced by extensive experience with current and historic guidelines, standards and best practices. We have completed an extensive number of analyses and subsequent reports for expert opinion cases, including issues related to winter maintenance, sightlines, warning and regulatory signage, signal timings, road design, construction zones, railway crossings, roadside hazards, slip and falls, and school zones. Subject incidents have involved all types of road users, including automobiles, motorcycles, cyclists, and pedestrians.


Well-designed signage helps to enhance a city’s image and brand while providing road users with the information they need to travel safely. Our specialized team will guide you through every stage of your projects related to the analysis, planning, design and implementation of highway and urban signage systems, all in compliance with the applicable requirements and standards.

Transportation policy

Transportation policies and guidelines provide engineering practitioners with a course of action and instructions on how to achieve a specific goal within the industry standard. However, transportation, traffic and road safety engineering knowledge and practices are constantly evolving as public attitudes change, new technologies are introduced, additional empirical studies are undertaken, and innovative research is performed.

CIMA+ has been selected by many municipalities and provincial governments to create new policies and update aging ones such as: Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) books, traffic calming policies, transportation impact assessment guidelines, right-of-way guidelines and design standards, among others. Our experience puts CIMA+ at the leading edge of identifying new practices and processes within the engineering transportation profession both in Canada and internationally.

Micro-simulation modelling

Detailed modelling can help in the identification of congestion and queues and evaluation of alternatives while simultaneously providing a robust visualization tool for public outreach and decision makers. CIMA+’s approach is to support clients by providing extensive expertise in building simulation models using a wide range of traffic software and tools, including AIMSUN, Paramics, VISSIM, and Synchro/SimTraffic. Of specific note is CIMA+’s exceptional experience in building and calibrating microsimulation models that target:

  • Traffic safety assessments of proposed configurations (interchanges, intersections and highway alignment)
  • Evaluation of highway operations for proposed priority lanes (for special events or regular HOV lanes)
  • Simulation modelling of transportation facilities as part of EA studies (visualization for public outreach)
  • Evaluation of new technologies or control systems (adaptive signal control)
  • Simulation and assessment of driver perception of highway variable message signs (queue warning message on highways)

Modelling operations for special class vehicles within mixed traffic operations (buses, streetcars, trucks)

Public transit

With the acceleration of urban sprawl and the resulting specific requirements related to mobility, it has become essential for public transit authorities to extend and enhance their service offer with a view to providing users with a variety of attractive and accessible options that can compete with single-occupant vehicle use while minimizing environmental impact.

For more than 30 years, CIMA+ has been evolving in lockstep with the newest trends in public transit, and in response to the expectations and concerns of its clients. Backed by solid experience in the planning of public transit systems, the CIMA+ team of experts can assist you in executing your public transit projects, regardless of their scope, geographical context (urban, suburban and rural centres) or recommended modes of transportation. From planning to commissioning, our experts will accompany you through every stage of your project. Whether your project involves the implementation of bus rapid transit (BRT), reserved lanes or priority measures, the construction or renovation of terminals and stations, park-and-ride lots, drop-off lanes and bus shelters or the definition of standards governing service, development and universal accessibility, we can help you make the right decisions to ensure the successful completion of your projects.

CIMA+ has carried out more than 50 public transit projects. These diverse projects delivered across Canada have allowed CIMA+ to become a major player in this field.

Discover our mobility and public transit projects.

We complete multiple large-scale projects every year for a wide range of clients:

  • Municipalities
  • Public transit authorities
  • Ministry of Transportation
  • Institutions (such as schools and hospitals)
  • Private developers
  • International and local airports

CIMA+: a one-stop solution for all your engineering needs

We are proud of our multidisciplinary approach. By offering you everything under one roof, it’s simple to partner with us and deliver any project, quickly and always on time.

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