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Project direction adds tremendous value to the execution of any project. With over twenty years of experience, CIMA+’s project management team can take charge of your project and supports you from start-up to commissioning.

In addition to effectively executing complex deliverables, project direction can also simplify processes, and maintain a strict control over critical elements.

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Our project direction team plays a key role in managing complex factors throughout your project’s lifecycle. Our expertise in multiple areas, including program and project management, contract administration and oversight construction, makes us a valuable partner in both your project and your business.

We know that each project has its share of challenges, from meeting tight budgets and schedules to coordinating project stakeholders. Our teams are able to identify risks for potential delays, budgets overruns and claims, and rapidly approach service providers, contractors, and other professionals to reach common ground. In the spirit of collaboration, we accompany our clients and tailor our services to incorporate your processes, your challenges and company's values.

Our expertise: facts and figures

The achievements of CIMA+’s project management team span more than 20 years and speak for themselves.

More than 170 employees in project management
Partners / Associate partners
ongoing projects
Total project value of $25B

Our project management specialized services

In order to bring added value to every project, the project management team diversifies its range of services by offering expertise in various fields, including program management, project management, contract administration and site coordination.

Our team also offers a range of specialized integrated services. To learn more about these services, please refer to the "integrated services" tab.

Program management

Our driving force is to offer an effective approach that combines every project management process, aligned your company values. Our goal is to fully control the financial, qualitative and operational aspects of your project.

  • Planning the project executions
  • Support in defining budgets and master schedules
  • Accompanying our clients through every stage of the financing and grant application process
Project direction, management and coordination

Our project management team take charge of every project, regardless of its scope or scale, and is highly agile at adapting each workflow and work tool to the client's and project’s specific requirements.

Throughout your project life cycle, we can offer these services:

Pre-feasibility analysis

  • Support for defining the project's needs and requirements
  • Project financial analysis and financing strategy
  • Functional and technical program development
  • Support in obtaining grants
  • Method of construction analysis


  • Client accompaniment for site selection
  • Project constructability analysis
  • Business case development
  • Estimation and preparation of baseline budgets and master schedules
  • Integrated document management planning
  • Procurement planning.


  • Design team management and coordination
  • BIM direction and support
  • Risk analysis
  • Value analysis
  • Project delivery
  • Procurement
  • Supplier qualification


  • Contract administration
  • Construction oversight and progress reporting
  • Risk management
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Health and safety management
  • Change management and project control
  • Communications and stakeholder management.
  • Commissioning
  • Release verification
  • Claim management
  • End of project document management
  • Commissioning support
  • Project Closure
  • Contract close-outs
  • Final project report generation
  • Project closeout documents
Contract administration

When assigned the role of contract administrator, we offer these services:

  • Managing contractual communications (such as drafting documents and awarding or recommending the awarding of mandates)
  • Monitoring contractual obligations (such as deliverables, costs and deadlines)
  • Conducting administrative audits (such as auditing labour timesheets and equipment expenses)
  • Managing the change order process
  • Negotiating with relevant stakeholders
  • Assisting the client with the processing of progress reports for billing purposes
  • Managing contractor compensation claims
  • Coordinating the technical and administrative close-out
Site coordination

Whether the project relates to the conservation, renovation, improvement, expansion or new construction projects our site coordinators ensure the proper execution and management of each stage of work. Our site coordinators can even be involved in the early construction phases to simplify the integration and follow-up process.

  • Working in collaboration to identify potential problems during the execution of the project and site constraints
  • Support in preparing tender documents
  • Organizing and leading bidder visits
  • Representing the client on site and during site coordination meetings
  • Planning and coordinating site meetings
  • Verification of contractual clauses compliance
  • Verification of the work conformity Monitoring consturction and equipment delivieries
  • Monitoring contractor's schedule
  • Analyzing the impact of change requests
  • Contractor coordination and monitoring to ensure an efficient construction site
  • Tracking deficiencies
  • Validation of project close out documents
  • Assisting with the administrative close-out of contracts

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Yves Roland Mondou Photo Yves Roland Mondou, P.Eng.,
Chief Project Officer
Daniel Martinez-Sgur,
Executive Director - Project Management


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