Innovation is at the heart of everything CIMA+ does. We empower our staff with resources and time to explore new ideas and encourage connections with external networking opportunities via webinars, conferences, and participation to research chairs.

Our unique approach sets us apart and keeps us at the forefront of our industry. By integrating best practices in everything we do, we are committed to delivering superior quality, value, and satisfaction to our clients. We don't just follow trends. We aspire to set them. Our boldness is demonstrated in the various initiatives we undertake. We're not afraid to think differently, challenge conventions, and try new things. This mindset extends to our internal operations and our relationships with our clients to ensure that CIMA+ delivers the very best, every single time.

Innovation and ingenuity

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At CIMA+, our approach to innovation includes weekly discipline and sector community meetings where we share new findings and keep staff engaged. The introduction of innovation is done gradually, starting with smaller projects to mitigate risks.

Whenever an innovative solution is implemented, we constantly monitor the project to make sure it is on the right track. We do not hesitate to abandon an idea that does not produce the expected benefits or pivot to something more promising.

Communication plays a vital role in our innovation process. The more we talk to each other and to our clients, the more we can understand the ever-evolving challenges of the communities we work in. Our 3000 employees across 30 offices are committed to finding leading-edge, yet pragmatic solutions.

Reducing the isolation of remote communities

While urban centres enjoy efficient Internet and cellular coverage, this is not the case in isolated communities, where electricity and sometimes even roads are not available. The result: a social divide that affects almost 40% of the world's population.

Find out how CIMA+ and its partners at Consortium Innovation Technologique Énergie Côte-Nord (CITEC) are developing a portable telecoms tower to help bridge the gap.


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Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

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The path to innovation at CIMA+ involves overcoming our clients’ most pressing challenges. They often request solutions requiring innovation and it is our duty to ensure we meet their needs.

For example, one of CIMA+’s key drivers is durability, particularly in a world where infrastructure maintenance outweighs new constructions. Through data collection, we understand existing structures, which enables the optimization of maintenance and the reduction of our environmental footprint. Striking a balance between the demands of aging infrastructures and becoming greener can be difficult, but data-driven decisions help achieve this.

Upskilling and training employees are also crucial. We’ve adopted a unique approach, using short instructional videos in a learning management system to train staff on specific procedures. This enables our employees to learn effectively and efficiently, even when their schedules are demanding. Now that’s micro-innovation at its best!

"We need to strike the right balance between respect for tradition and the development of innovative practices, combining the best of existing and new methodologies".

Guy Gendron,
Innovation Director

How We Measure Innovation Success

CIMA+ views innovation as an exceptional force that drives transformation and generates significant, tangible value for all stakeholders.

How do we measure a project’s success? It begins with a defined start and end date, explicit deliverables, and valuable lessons learned, even from perceived failures.

Effective financial management is another key success indicator. Unused funds in an innovation project are akin to uninvested money —a missed opportunity for growth. CIMA+ maximizes the use of budgets to bring lasting, positive change for all our clients.

And, of course, another key performance indicator is how we impact the environment. For example, we aim to revolutionize power infrastructure in Québec’s remote areas by replacing traditional diesel generators with sustainable wind and solar energy small grid networks. This shift is not just about innovation. It also embodies CIMA+’s commitment to environmental responsibility and dedication to a greener tomorrow.

Advanced Technologies for Advanced Innovation

CIMA+ offers its employees modern learning tools. For example, all our teams have acces to the Pinnacle Series software platform. It is accessible to all employees, providing them with resources and training specific to their area of expertise. Our team is also continuously trained on a wide range of the latest technologies and software, from Building Information Modeling (BIM) to digital twins, scanning, asset management, XR/ MR/ AR/ VR and energy analytics. These are core to the innovative solutions we offer our clients. The Pinnacle Series platform contains all our technical standards, procedures and workflows in terms of energy and resources, the environment, infrastructure, transportation and buildings. It provides everything the CIMA+ team needs for project setups, content development, access to project information, and skillset management across Canada.

A prime example of a successful project developed through our staff’s continuous learning was the microgrid at Lac Mégantic, where we helped redevelop the downtown core with buildings powered by solar energy. The smart grid efficiently manages the balance between power generation from solar panels and the power grid, optimizing usage, and even enabling the sale of surplus energy.

And CIMA+ is not stopping there. Currently, our team is exploring even more advanced trends in engineering innovation, such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) large language models. The evolution of these models, which improve not in years but in months or even, offer great potential in automating mundane tasks and supporting the development of innovative solutions. Stay tuned to see these new technologies in action in our upcoming projects.

CIMA+: A one-stop solution for all your engineering needs

We are proud of our multidisciplinary approach. By offering you everything under one roof, it’s simple to partner with us and deliver any project, quickly and always on time.

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