Risk management

For all projects, it is crucial to identify all possible risks that can present themselves from the planning stage all the way throughout the construction stage Each project is unique, and it is essential to apply specific preventive measures based on the context of the project to prevent potential unforeseen events. The purpose of risk management is to minimize uncertainties that may impact budget and schedule overruns with effective practices that are thought out in advance.

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Risk management: prioritizing the steps you need today to succeed tomorrow

When defining risks, it is important to understand the nature of the project, its scope, and the environment in which it takes place. To do so, CIMA+ experts apply their extensive experience acquired in large-scale projects to assess your specific needs in managing the risks associated with your project.

Following this assessment, they prepare, organize, and facilitate risk management workshops with your teams and stakeholders to identify, assess and quantify threats and opportunities.

At this point, we develop a risk management plan and mitigation measures to share with the appropriate authorities in a strict and structured manner, providing optimal control of potential contingencies before the project starts.


Our expertise: facts and figures

The achievements of CIMA+’s project management team span more than 20 years and speak for themselves.

More than 170 employees in project management
Partners / Associate partners
ongoing projects
Total project value of $25B

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Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale projects.

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Our risk management workshops help teams identify potential project issues and address them from every multidisciplinary perspective to better manage the uncertainties and changes that come with any project.


Isabelle Feng, P.Eng., MBA, MGP, PMP,
Partner – Project Director


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