Education and research

Buildings dedicated to research and education must not only create an inspiring atmosphere that is conducive to learning but also be at the cutting-edge of technology. CIMA+ has accepted this challenge many times in the past few years. Our building team knows the technical requirements well and understands what is needed to design these types of establishments. Our approach aims at developing adapted and sustainable living environments for both education (primary, secondary, college and university), and research and development workers (research centres, laboratories, etc.)



Supporting academic excellence along with research, development and innovation

Research and education buildings today must be easily adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the world around us. Incorporating inclusive and welcoming outdoor facilities that promote learning– and can be shared with the community – brings an added value to the living environment.

Developing digital literacy, promoting a physically active lifestyle, improving the quality of the built environment, student well-being and contact with nature are all needed to ensure quality education, and must all be part of the building design. Comfort and student development are therefore at the heart of the concerns addressed by CIMA+ when developing design concepts.

All of the issues mentioned above as well as environmental concerns, energy efficiency, sustainable development, reduction/optimization of new material and key issues related to the life cycle of the building must all be considered when choosing the design and the materials. CIMA+ has garnered a large bank of research and education projects from across the country, brought together by experts who have cutting-edge knowledge and experience with finding efficient solutions that respect environmental, social and economic issues.

Our expertise: facts and figures

CIMA+’s achievements in education and research span more than 30 years and speak for themselves.

More than 450 employees in the buildings sector in Canada
1 dedicated team for sustainable development
Presence in the 13 territories and provinces of Canada

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Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale engineering projects.

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