Institutional and heritage

Iconic and historical buildings must be protected and maintained according to current standards and needs. CIMA+ has technical engineering specialists who restore or renovate these unique facilities, preserving the heritage of a community.

The preservation and upgrading of historical buildings require specialized expertise. The experienced specialists at CIMA+ have completed many historical building projects developing a unique approach with expertise that has been recognized many times over and is now part of our corporate culture.



Unique multidisciplinary approach, recognized expertise

Working on older buildings requires creativity and in-depth knowledge in the preservation of materials, such as masonry, and an understanding of the overall energy performance of the building including the building envelope (facade and roofing).

There are many challenges that must be addressed when modernizing while preserving these older buildings. Close collaboration with each discipline, as well as with the client and the contractors is vital. Expertise and experience are essential when undertaking projects of this magnitude. Our teams at CIMA+ master all the particularities inherent in this type of project including aspects related to the structure or materials, electromechanics, and sustainable development.

CIMA+ is recognized for developing unconventional and highly creative multidisciplinary solutions and has demonstrated the ability to complete these projects all while respecting and preserving the heritage. From the ability to integrate the electromechanical systems, to finding ways to connect old to new, CIMA+ has been awarded and recognized not only for the quality of the mechanical, electrical or structural engineering, but for integrating all of this into the architecture, thus preserving and maintaining the beauty of the historical building.

Our expertise: facts and figures

CIMA+’s achievements span more than 30 years and speak for themselves.

More than 450 employees in the buildings sector in Canada
1 dedicated team for sustainable development
Presence in the 13 territories and provinces of Canada

Disover our institutional and heritage projects

Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale engineering projects.

Awards and recognition

Over the past few years, CIMA+'s expertise has been recognized for major projects, including the improvement of the Quebec National Assembly, and the Monastère des Augustines infrastructure assets, the latter having been described as "visionary."

These awards also recognize the close working relationship we have with architects, historians, archaeologists, and other heritage specialists, with whom we share a great passion for preserving and showcasing our history.

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