Transmission lines

Transmission lines - the highway for our electricity - transport power to consumers who are often far from major cities. These distinctive structures ensure that power is readily available and accessible wherever it is needed.


We have a highly skilled, experienced team

For over 20 years, CIMA+ has been honing its expertise in the field of overhead and underground transmission line design, becoming a leader in the industry.

Our clients can count on our experts at every stage of a transmission line project, from the development of the design criteria to the commissioning of a line. Our team has extensive experience in transmission line design, refurbishing and upgrading.

CIMA+ was one of the first engineering consulting firms to adopt the PLS-CADD power line systems software, and we are recognized for our overhead transmission line modelling. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals can design and detail towers and foundations, and size overhead cables.

Our experts can decide the best route and technology for your cables and equipment based on geotechnical and geomorphology data. We can also size underground cable conductors to ensure a long, maintenance-free lifespan for the new underground lines. In addition, our team can add special features to projects, such as Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems integrated into the insulation of each cable.

Our expertise: facts and figures

CIMA+’s achievements span more than 30 years and speak for themselves.

projects in the last 10 years
Projects from 69 kV to 735 kV

Our specialized services

Rely on our multidisciplinary professionals to meet your requirements and expectations. We offer a full range of engineering services to successfully deliver your project, from start to finish.

Addition of circuits and power line reconstruction

CIMA+ provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Preliminary studies
  • On-site measurements for the selected line route
  • Selection and positioning of equipment
  • Pole design
  • Anchoring of systems for aerial distribution lines
  • Construction drawings
  • Assistance in obtaining governmental approvals
  • Coordination with public utility companies
  • Technical assistance during construction

Discover our transmission line projects

Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale engineering projects.

What they have to say

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"At CIMA+, when we design a tower or a foundation, our top priority is to optimize their weight. Every kilogram we save represents significant savings for our client. Our reputation over the past 30 years has been built on meeting our commitments, in both budgeting and scheduling, while always delivering superior quality. A+ quality is our trademark at CIMA+."

Karl Olechnowicz, P. Eng.
Executive Director, Transmission & Distribution

CIMA+: a one-stop solution for all your engineering needs

We are proud of our multidisciplinary approach. By offering you everything under one roof, you benefit from a simplified collaborative approach to deliver projects quickly and on time.

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