Operational Technologies and Solutions​

The future is connected

Communication technologies are essential to ensure sustainable management, support cohesion between people, and optimize operational effectiveness. They make it possible to better connect individuals, organizations, and communities. Communication technologies are rapidly evolving and provide powerful new ways to collect, transmit, and analyze critical data and information. CIMA+ has unrivalled expertise in the design and construction of advanced telecommunication infrastructure, power generation stations, transmission lines, smart buildings, and research and healthcare facilities.

We provide end-to-end services, which include designing communication layers from the needs and requirement analysis to system-level architecture, IT infrastructure (servers), and physical layers (fibre-optic, towers, and wireless).

Levelling up and changing the game

We offer leading-edge solutions for integrating advanced communication technologies into a variety of projects, such as intelligent transportation systems, wireless and fibre-optic networks, cybersecurity systems, and information and telecommunication infrastructure. We also offer services for strategic planning, system-level architecture, feasibility studies, technology assessments, technical support, and pilot projects.

Discover our projects in operational technologies and solutions

Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale engineering projects.

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