Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not just about using new technologies. It brings to the forefront the management and use of digital data to optimize the fluidity of processes, information exchanges, and tool interconnectivity throughout the lifecycle of a project or asset.

At CIMA+, we have the necessary expertise to support you in data governance, solution development, and the optimization of your processes and infrastructure operation.

A transformation focused on your business and your objectives

A digital transformation project first requires a thorough understanding of the client's needs and an analysis of current processes. Our teams help clients understand their digital transformation needs using their data. We add value to this data by combining it with the science and engineering specific to the client's application. The ultimate goal is to optimize the client's processes, improve product quality, reduce costs, and so on.

By integrating some of the most powerful digital solutions on the market and making judicious use of the data generated, we ensure that your strategic vision comes to life in your day-to-day activities.

CIMA+ operates in the field of digital transformation, focusing on data enhancement, process optimization and information/data .



Digital Transformation, in figures

The organizations we have supported in their digital transformation have observed an average increase of

in their daily efficiency.

A way of adding value to your assets and data

New technologies modernize work methodologies, promote efficient asset management and maintenance and enable the collection of a wealth of data. This real-time information helps you make informed decisions and pursue process optimization. Of course, we support you throughout your digital transformation project, from start to finish.

The main challenges related to digital transformation:

  1. Lack of knowledge and potential: Often, companies struggle to maintain an overview of their assets or to leverage the data they already possess. This is where digital transformation becomes a true ally.
  2. Gap between direction and operation: In asset management, there is often a significant gap between management’s vision and operational reality.
  3. Awareness of possibilities: Companies are not always aware of the opportunities and possibilities offered by their data and assets.
  4. Integration of new technologies: Digital transformation projects often involve the integration of new technologies and tools that require a review of existing processes and procedures. Transitioning from a technology or paper-based approach to a data-driven culture can disrupt traditional working methods.
  5. Change management and awareness: Change management is one of the greatest challenges in digital transformation. Companies must adapt to new work methods. Creating awareness plays a crucial role in helping companies understand the benefits and overcome resistance to change.
  6. Cybersecurity: Collecting and managing data generated by technological tools inevitably raises cybersecurity concerns. That is why we adopt a “security-first” approach (“secure by design”) in all our digital transformation projects. This way, we help you add value to your assets and data without compromising the security of your business.
  7. Expert consulting services: Companies are looking for guidance and expert advice to help them undertake and successfully complete their digital transformation. They want to be supported by experts who understand their needs, rather than acquiring ready-made solutions that are not adapted to their reality.

Overall, these challenges emphasize the complexity of the digital transformation process, as well as the need to adopt a customized approach for each company. Creating awareness and providing effective guidance are crucial to ensure a successful transition towards a digital culture.

"Digital transformation redefines work methodologies in terms of design, construction, operation and maintenance, positioning engineering and data science as a key player in the analysis and development of value-added solutions."

Geneviève Crête,
EMBA, CANBIM CP, Senior BIM/VDC and Information governance Director / Project Management – Asset Management

Improving overall performance

Digital transformation improves an organization’s performance, whether in terms of systems, production, or strategies. It improves the performance of business units by gathering intelligent data on systems. For example, it helps improve the management of electromechanical systems and optimize production.

CIMA+ is committed to maximizing the value of its client’s assets to help them achieve their goals. In terms of asset management, this means aligning operational strategies with asset governance and a well-defined corporate governance structure.

Digital solutions that add value to roles within organizations help them attract and retain first-rate candidates. By putting digital solutions at the service of your company, you create an attractive and engaging effect on talents by offering career opportunities in a technology-driven environment.

If you are looking for a consulting expert to guide you through your digital transformation project, you are in the right place. We will work with you to design solutions tailored to your vision and needs, to create tangible value by leveraging the benefits offered by digital technologies, from creating awareness to managing assets and optimizing processes.

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