Connecting Communities

From rural areas to major urban centres, we build connected communities, ready for the world of tomorrow. Our teams know how to combine innovation and sustainable development to provide solutions that bring communities closer together, without overlooking the realities and constraints specific to each one.

CIMA+ is shaping a society where cohesion between communities overcomes distances, propelling their development to new heights.

A Unifying Multidisciplinary Approach

Our multidisciplinary approach and complementary consulting engineering expertise enable us to be present at every stage of your project. We work with you to implement solutions that meet your needs and those of your community.

Whether we're designing telecommunication networks, building airport, rail, road and marine infrastructure assets, or planning transportation, we help break down isolation and bring people together in rural and urban areas.

This sense of community permeates our teams and our relationships with our clients every day, thanks to our collaborative approach based on communication and mutual support. Together, we build sustainable, connected infrastructure assets.


Connecting Northern Québec Communities

A major ten-year project has provided ten Inuit villages in Nunavik with marine infrastructure capable of accommodating commercial ships and local watercraft.

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Tackling Your Challenges Together

Whether by road, sea or wire, the links that bring people and regions together must endure. This is why infrastructure sustainability and business continuity are at the heart of every project we deliver.

Managing your organization's assets can be complex, whether in terms of equipment, vehicle fleets or infrastructure. We offer you connected solutions to make your job easier and improve the speed and security of your services.

Whether you're concerned about scheduling, costs, capacity or the transportation of materials, you can count on our expertise for the planning, management and delivery of your engineering projects.

"Bringing communities together while innovating is a value at the heart of all the projects CIMA+ carries out. Connecting communities means empowering everyone to make the most of their local environments by acquiring the best solutions."

Jaina Viau,
Proposal and Strategy Director

Innovative Projects That Benefit Everyone

Technologies play a crucial role in bringing communities together. We have the expertise to develop, roll out and implement technologies that optimize communications between citizens, public authorities, businesses and clients. As a result, communities can better manage their infrastructure assets, strengthen their security systems, seize more economic opportunities, and foster greater social inclusion.

We believe that sustainable development, community collaboration, and technological innovation are essential to ensuring the positive impact of a project, both for a business and for the community it serves.


CIMA+, a one-stop shop for your engineering needs

We're proud of our multidisciplinary approach. By offering everything under one roof, you benefit from simplified collaboration for projects delivered quickly, and always on time.

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