CIMA+ Sherbrooke office 

Integration of renewable energy at the CIMA+ Sherbrooke office in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2008, when designing the Sherbrooke office, CIMA+ engineers adopted an innovative approach to energy efficiency. In 2019, this office became the first building in Québec to earn Zero Carbon Building certification from the Canada Green Building Council.

The original design included several measures to eliminate the use of fossil fuels that were innovative at the time, such as an all-electric heating system. Other energy efficiency measures were also included, such as a geothermal loop, radiant heating for the parking areas, a heat-recovery system in the server room and an efficient envelope.

In 2019, solar panels were installed on the roof of the building in order to reduce electricity consumption and begin creating a smart micro-grid. The team also calculated the building’s carbon footprint to determine the amount of carbon emissions generated by the building’s operation. In order to offset these emissions, and thereby achieve the “zero carbon” goal, green energy certificates were purchased at a cost of only $136 per year.

The design of a zero-carbon energy-efficient building allows CIMA+ to play its part in the collective effort to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) and to offer our employees a pleasant and healthy work environment.

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