Electrical substations are critical components in the power transmission and distribution system. They provide either a voltage boost to transmit power over long distances or a voltage reduction to meet the needs of end users.


A partner for your substation design and construction.

At CIMA+, we have over 40 years of proven experience in substation design and construction serving public utility companies, private developers, contractors, manufacturers, and industrial clients.

Our experts have contributed to hundreds of projects involving the design of transmission, distribution and power generating substations, AC/DC converters, static compensators, and numerous other projects in renewable energy. Our expertise in electrical substations includes conventional (overhead), metal-sheathed (GIS) and hybrid systems, from low-voltage to 735 kV. Our teams master the latest technology in 3D modelling (Catia, Inventor, MicroStation, Revit) and 3D scanning (drones).

Our expertise: facts and figures

CIMA+’s achievements span more than 30 years and speak for themselves.

projects completed in the last 10 years
4.16 kV to 735 kV projects

Our specialized services

Rely on our multidisciplinary professionals to meet your requirements and expectations. We offer a full range of engineering services to successfully deliver your project, from start to finish.

Digitization of substations – IEC 61850

The IEC 61850 Solution was developed by CIMA+ to meet customers’ growing needs for flexibility in equipment operation and maintenance. It helps reduce project costs and overtime, makes installations more adaptable and facilitates information sharing.

The concept is governed by the IEC 61850 standard and consists of installing a merging unit (MU) in a substation outside of the control building, which receives all voltage, current, state, alarm, trip, and lockout signals from the equipment. The MU generates and transmits digital information via fibre optics to the various required protection relays in the control building. This new feature greatly improves the productivity of the engineering, implementation, testing, and maintenance phases of projects.

Digital substations allow for better management of the power supply and demand, maintenance, and all by incorporating equipment for modern communication, supervision, control, and storing valuable information. This solution supports real-time decision-making with accurate and up-to-date information.

Discover our substation projects

Our teams have successfully completed hundreds of large-scale engineering projects.

Comments from our experts

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"At CIMA+, we take a multidisciplinary approach to substation design, with expertise in switchgear, control, protection, civil, structural and commissioning."

Karl Olechnowicz, P.Eng.
Executive Director – Transmission and Distribution

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We are proud of our multidisciplinary approach. By offering you everything under one roof, you benefit from a simplified collaborative approach to deliver projects quickly and on time.

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