Escape Safely

Last year we launched the “I take action” challenge to all our health and safety committees across Canada. The main objective of this initiative was to support the commitment of our committees and generate new ideas to increase our employee’s engagement towards health and safety.

Several ideas have emerged from this challenge, and it is the Montréal office committee that stood out with an escape game activity entitled “Escape safely.” Our employees had to form teams of 4 people and had 20 minutes to solve different enigmas to be able to escape the room. All the enigmas proposed were related to aspects of health and safety, namely our processes, our safety equipment, our tools, etc. At the end of the activity, each group was met by members of the HSE committee and the HSE team to discuss their experience and get tips to improve their performance. Lastly, three gift cards to buy items from the CIMA+ boutique were raffled off among all participants.

The activity was a huge success! The available places filled in record time and all participants gave positive feedback to such an extent that the activity will be repeated by several of our offices.

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