International Women in Engineering Day

June 23rd marks the International Women in Engineering Day that celebrates the contribution of women in this industry. At CIMA+, we would like to introduce some of our colleagues that stand out in our community.

Meet four extraordinary and inspiring women who contribute to the success of CIMA+ every day.

Rachel Coombs - Engineer in Training, Newfoundland and Labrador

Rachel Coombs is an engineer specializing in transmission line structural design at CIMA+. She chose the engineering field during her university studies because she had a passion for physics and mathematics. Civil engineering appealed to her because of the chance to work on a variety of projects and make a positive impact on communities.

Since she joined CIMA+, Rachel primarily worked on the design of new transmission lines and rehabilitation of existing lines in Nova Scotia. This work ensures the reliability of these structures or lines and, thereby, the transmission of electricity to communities. Working on transmission line structural design projects gave her a new perspective on power transmission and the crucial role it plays in electric utility services across Canada.

In addition, Rachel is proud to be able to contribute to changing the ideology by showing there was a place for her in the engineering field, a man-dominated sector. She hopes to reassure and inspire future generations throughout her engineering career.

Zohra Houam - Senior Technologist Specialist, Building and Structural Engineering, Quebec

Zohra’s interest in construction sites stems from her childhood. When she was a student in Algeria, she noticed a huge construction site in her small town. Fascinated by its size, as well as the depth of the excavations and height of the cranes, Zohra admired the progress of the project every time she went to school. She was inspired to see skilled workers efficiently handling materials, and to see her small town finally transform at the end of the project.

Furthermore, engineering is a universal and highly valued profession, offering a wide range of international career opportunities. Her career choice therefore played a positive role in her decision to immigrate to Canada, which is known for its warm welcome, especially for skilled immigrants.

What she finds most rewarding about her work is contributing to the construction of sustainable buildings, renovating existing buildings and preserving cultural heritage. Indeed, using sustainable materials and introducing environmentally friendly construction practices have a tangible impact on people’s quality of life, and this greatly inspires her.

Zohra hopes to make a difference by sharing her experience of the building and structure sector to inspire future generations to choose an engineering career.

Zoe Redford - Project Manager in Transportation Engineering, Alberta

Zoe Redford' thrives on being part of a collaborative problem-solving team, appreciating the diverse minds, perspectives, expertise and attributes that contribute to finding optimal solutions.

For her, engineering is about working as a team toward achieving a common goal: offering solutions and products that are safe, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally and socially considerate.

Zoe is proud to know that the work she does contribute to improving transportation safety and users’ quality of life. Many of her projects allow for improving active modes and mass transit connectivity, which is of personal importance to her as a cyclist.

Her projects consistently involve an aspect of public engagement, where her design team gathers input and opinions from those who are most impacted by a change to the infrastructure. Following these public consultations, design must be drastically modified to account for the daily reality of residents and users. But her efforts are rewarded by the fact that community members positively perceive these improvements to transportation safety and efficiency.

Jaime Boutilier - Infrastructure Field Services Manager, Ontario.

Jaime Boutilier chose engineering because of her proficiency in math and science and her love for building things. Expressing creativity and collaborating with like-minded colleagues are aspects she enjoys. For Jaime, engineering means problem-solving through knowledge, creativity, and innovation.

Seeing a project come to a successful completion and clients happy with the project and with CIMA+’s performance are the most rewarding aspects of her work.

As a Field Service Manager, she contributes to building and improving the current water infrastructure assets in Ontario, ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water for the community.

Jaime takes pride in her involvement in the Rulindo Challenge in 2013 in Rwanda, where she helped design and review water distribution systems. The completion of this project has provided essential water and sanitation services to 330,000 people, positively impacting their lives.

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