Projects everywhere in Canada for the Energy and Resources sector!

Here's a first at CIMA+! In the past 5 years, our Energy and Resources sector has carried out projects in ALL the provinces and ALL the territories of Canada from Prince Edward Island to the Yukon, including Nunavut and Nunavik.

How did we accomplish this?

By soaking up the client's procedures to the point of being an extension of his team! – Too many firms impose their own ways of doing things on their customers, regardless of their location. It requires more energy and humility, but it ensures a much more lasting partnership!

By having 30 plus offices from coast to coast which allows us to have local people who master the specific standards of utilities in their own region. They can then guide the rest of our pool of 400+ specialists to make sure the final engineering, large or small, is perfectly aligned with regional requirements, while being optimized by national best practice.


At CIMA+, we have an agile, multidisciplinary approach that supports innovation.

At CIMA+, we are a leader in sustainable and responsible engineering.

At CIMA+, we are a socially responsible firm.


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