Employee Profile: Emilie Langlois

Can you tell us about your career path?

My career path started at CÉGEP Marie Victorin, where I studied Interior Design, and continued with a specialization in Construction Business Management. After that, I broadened my horizons by moving into the tourism industry. The inspiration for my transition to Civil Engineering resulted from an enriching experience I had in the hotel business, when a client awakened my interest in the field. I embraced this new direction by pursuing studies in Civil Engineering, which I completed at CÉGEP Montmorency in 2022.


Why did you decide to study Civil Engineering and specialize in Bridges?

As far back as I can remember, I was always attracted to and impressed by the construction industry, and it was obvious that I would end up working in this field. Once I decided to go back to school, I knew right away that working in the bridges sector would be my goal.

Do you believe your work makes a difference in the community?

I don't claim to be changing people's lives all on my own. However, I work with teams of people who share similar motivations and interests, and we are able to deliver major projects that are designed to improve mobility and facilitate transportation.

What led you to join the larger CIMA+ family and choose the Bridges and Tunnels team, and how long have you been a member of that team?

I joined CIMA+ in March 2021 as a student and Intern. I remained in that position until I obtained my degree in June 2022. What attracted me to the Bridges and Tunnels team was the range and complexity of the projects. Every project is unique and impressive. No two are alike, which ensures that the field is always stimulating. You really can't be bored in this place!


What is your role within the team, and what qualities do you think are required to excel in that role?

In terms of the projects that I am involved in, my role and my primarily responsibilities entail producing technical drawings in compliance with current standards and preparing plan sheets. To be successful, I believe that it is crucial to have the ability to analyze the visible elements and understand how they all fit together in order to accurately represent them in the drawings.


What gives you the most pride in your work?

I take the most pride in contributing to major projects, like the Laviolette Bridge, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge or the Québec Bridge. Being involved in the creation of monumental structures like these allows me to feel like I'm leaving a lasting mark on my profession.


What is the most significant challenge in your work?

The main challenge is being prepared to deal with the unexpected and adapt our strategies accordingly. Unforeseen situations are commonplace in the construction industry, so it is essential to anticipate them in order to ensure the success of the project.


Can you describe your recruitment process and your integration into the team?

My recruitment into CIMA+ was very smooth. I saw the job posting when I was still a student, and I decided to apply, even though my profile didn't exactly match the criteria. It was a job I really wanted. My integration into the team also went smoothly, despite the constraints related to COVID-19, and I was able to find my footing easily and naturally.

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