Special interview with Christine Lavoie, Vice-President, Operations, Project Management



Over the years, Christine has been involved in managing and overseeing large-scale projects for clients in both the public and private sectors, delivering them on budget and on time. Not only is she an experienced project manager, she has also demonstrated her high level of engagement at every stage of project execution on numerous occasions, as she provides clients with the quality of support and service they need and expect.

We spoke with her about her area of expertise, her role as Vice-President and her vision for the new generations of engineers.


CIMA+ is a Company that promotes and rewards the entrepreneurial spirit in its employees. Can you tell me how this plays out in your field?

CIMA+ allows its partners to exercise a great deal of freedom in their actions, which gives us the latitude we need to innovate and develop within our respective disciplines, and within the company as a whole. This latitude allows each team to maximize its development potential while maintaining close links with clients and our staff resources. We are responsible for the development of “our” segment of the market, which is truly motivating.


What will be your priority as the new Vice-President, Operations, Project Management at CIMA+? Do you anticipate any specific challenges? 

At CIMA+, we have lofty ambitions on the project management side, and we have the capacity to achieve them. Of course, I am aware that every new role comes with its share of day-to-day challenges, but that only motivates me more. Some of the main issues that we will have to deal with involve rapid technological changes, the incorporation of sustainable development into all stages of a project and the recruitment of new staff to grow our team.

My field of action will also be expanded, and collaboration among our teams will be essential in overcoming the strategic and operational challenges awaiting us.


How do you see the role of women evolving in your field over the next 5 to 10 years?

During my 20-year career, I have seen major changes in the industry, and especially in recent years. I’m very proud of that. There are more and more women in every sector of our industry, and I’m certain that we’ll see even more women moving into high-level positions. They have the potential and are not afraid to take their rightful place. The market is moving in the right direction.


What advice would you give to future generations of engineers?

I would tell them to take responsibility for shaping their own career. I see myself and other leaders increasingly acting as advisors, ready to guide and support them, but not holding their hand. Young engineers must fashion their own career path and always be thinking about the future they want to make for themselves. I would also tell them to have faith in themselves and not hesitate to express their visions and ideas. They are the generations of tomorrow, and they have the tools and skills to push the profession in a positive direction.

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