Avoiding potential conflicts of interest by improving internal processes is of great interest to me.

Alireza Hadayeghi

, P. Eng., Ph. D

Partner, Burlington

Dr. Ali Hadayeghi has served many public and private sector clients across the country particularly in the Province of Ontario in the fields of transportation planning, traffic engineering, and road safety.

He has contributed to the engineering profession through the publication and presentation of several papers in reputable conferences and journals. Dr. Hadayeghi joined CIMA+ in 2009 and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Have you seen concrete results from the Governance and Ethics Committee?

Ali sees a huge difference since he joined the firm in 2009, simply from the number of questions received by the Committee on the subject matter, either directly or through our third-party platform which ensures anonymity and confidentiality. He believes that employees and partners are a lot more aware of ethical matters because everyone received training on how to handle real life situations, and senior managers continuously promote the importance of ethics in the decision-making process.

What interested you in joining the Committee?

Two reasons motivated him: It was important for Ali to be informed about ethical matters and dilemmas and share his knowledge with the Committee. He was also interested in adding an Ontario perspective to the Committee as CIMA+ grows from coast to coast.

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