What I particularly appreciate at CIMA+ is the fact that business decisions are not solely based on financial considerations, but also take the human factor into account.

Kamila Wirpszo

, LL.B., MBA

Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs

Kamila Wirpszo holds the position of Vice-President, Legal Affairs at CIMA+ since 2018. Gifted with an entrepreneurial mindset and result-oriented, Kamila decided to be a corporate lawyer early in her career.
After spending several years in capital-intensive industries, working in companies such as Bombardier Transportation and Rail Power Technologies (a R&D firm and manufacturer of hybrid locomotives), she joined American Iron & Metal, one of the largest metal recovery companies in North America. Recognized for the strategic insight and negotiation skills she demonstrates in the framework of complex transactions, Kamila acts as an advisor with the members of CIMA+’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

The corporate value that resonates most with her

Social responsibility: There is a widely developed social awareness at CIMA+ that appeals to Kamila. She particularly appreciates the fact that there are a lot of discussions and consultations in the decision-making process, in order to benefit from the opinions of as many people as possible. This also mirrors another important value at CIMA+: teamwork. The fact that the firm maintains its Platinum level ranking among the Best Employers in Canada is testimony to the importance given to employees’ well-being.

The reasons why she joined CIMA+

Several factors immediately appealed to her when she decided to pursue her career at CIMA+ in 2018: the corporate culture that values the human factor, the firm’s business plan that focuses on growth through mergers and acquisitions, and the opportunity to build a legal department with strong skills in that area.

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