“CIMA+ embodies an entrepreneurial spirit that is depicted by our nimble and innovative culture and service offering. This allows us to support our clients and business partners in the dynamic canvas of Ontario’s evolving landscape. Our adaptability knows no bounds as we support our clients and partners in leveraging the region’s potential.”

Karen Freund

Regional Executive Vice President, Ontario

Karen Freund holds the position of Regional Executive Vice President for Ontario and is responsible for operational management, strategic growth and business enhancement across the region. 

Karen comes with more than 30 years of experience in the engineering consulting industry. She has worked for large multidisciplinary organizations such as Jacobs, CH2M (now Jacobs), and HDR, developing and leading regional and national growth strategies. Having worked in many different markets, she has a diverse background in the industry. Karen has held different vice presidency roles in the last decade that have helped her build in-depth knowledge and expertise as well as an extensive network in the Ontario market.

Karen has held and continues to hold positions on various committees and boards in relation to her role. She was one of the founding members of the WTS Toronto Area Chapter (President in 2015), and Chair of ACEC-Ontario Board of Directors (2022–2023). She has also sat on several committees of the Toronto Region Board of Trade.

Her vision for CIMA+ in Ontario 

CIMA+ emerges as more than an engineering firm; it is a beacon of resiliency, environmental stewardship, and innovation. At our core beats the rhythm of a passion-driven purpose — to build not just infrastructure but a more sustainable planet and to weave positive change into the lives of people everywhere. Ontario’s future is built on resilient infrastructure, and at CIMA+, we have the right team to lead the charge.

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