I am very much attached to the corporate culture, and it is important for me to promote the values shared by all of the partners.

Marie-Claude Michaud

, P. Eng., M.Sc.A.

Partner, Montréal

Marie-Claude Michaud has worked at CIMA+ since 1998, specializing in the design of new structures, and the rehabilitation of existing structures.

As Executive Director of Transportation/Bridges, she manages a team of 20 employees in the Montréal office who are skilled in the preparation of studies, drawings and specifications for new structures, and in the rehabilitation of existing bridges. Marie-Claude is recognized for her experience with major projects, her ability to coordinate numerous teams, and her comprehensive vision of multidisciplinary projects.

Her reasons for sitting on the Committee

The reputation of the engineer: Marie-Claude is deeply attached to the firm’s culture, and it is important to her that integrity – both personal and professional – be part of this. This value is indispensable in terms of upholding the reputation of the engineer and satisfying the expectations of clients.

Her interest in the role of the Committee

The decision-making process: She is interested in how decisions are made, which involves understanding the decision-making process to ensure that the rules of conduct are followed. It is essential for there to be coherence between what is said and what is done in order to secure confidence in the firm.

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