My involvement at CIMA+ entails monitoring the governance and ethical process, and assessing its application in the decision-making process.

Michel Séguin

, Ph.D., CHRP

Ethics Consultant

Michel Séguin is President of Services Praxie, a consulting firm whose mission is to provide guidance for small businesses and large corporations in the area of ethics and governance.

He also works as a professor in the Organization and Human Resources Department at the École des sciences de la gestion at UQAM, and holds the Guy-Bernier Chair in Cooperative Business (GBCCB). He co-authored the book Gérer la dimension éthique en entreprise, which was published by Éditions CEC in 2017.

Research activities

Among other things, Michel Séguin is interested in how organizations manage the ethical component in a variety of related fields, including organizational behaviour, leadership, decision-making theories and corporate governance.

His vision for organizational ethics

There are established methods for inserting ethics into all organizational practices. Managers play a key role in the implementation and application of ethics. It is important to define the relevant ethical principles from the outset, and to adopt a process for ensuring the adoption of behaviours that comply with these principles at all levels of the organization.

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