Our entrepreneurial culture allows us to quickly adapt to the business needs of our clients and the team in place. Their expectations are at the heart of our concerns and the solutions that we recommend.

Steeve Fiset

, P. Eng., MBA

Chief Strategy Officer

As Executive Vice President, Steeve Fiset’s mission is to stimulate the growth of the Industry Division and expand CIMA+’s industrial clientele across Canada.

During the course of his 25‑year career, he has held several high-level positions. His experience in corporate management and governance enables him to play a key role in the firm’s growth and helping it achieve its strategic objectives. Steeve chaired the Association des ingénieurs-conseils du Québec in 2009-2010.

The strength of teamwork

Complementarity: CIMA+ offers a one-stop approach to engineering and project management services for clients from coast to coast, specifically in the areas of industrial processes, private infrastructure, as well as energy and transportation— for projects carried out partially, or in totality. According to Steeve, the adaptability of the Industry team is the reason why it can well serve a diverse clientele and penetrate new markets.

Why he joined CIMA+

CIMA+ is unique in that it is managed by a group of engineers/owners who strive to grow the organization while ensuring the development and well-being of its clients and employees. Steeve appreciates this business model, which is unparallelled in the consulting engineering industry.