I believe that CIMA+’s team spirit is one of our greatest strengths. People enjoy working together. They are engaged and ready to invest the efforts required to make our projects and our company a success.

Steeve L’Heureux

Executive Vice President, Energy and Resources

Steeve L’Heureux joined CIMA+ in 2012. As Executive Vice-President, Energy and Resources, he manages more than 500 professionals. He oversees the strategic development and monitors the sector’s operations across Canada while seeking international business opportunities.

As an expert in renewable energy, he has several hydropower, solar, wind, and thermal generating station projects to his credit. He has developed strong skills in team management, feasibility studies, detailed design, project management and commissioning.

Trends in his field

Many programs are in place to enhance the role of renewable energy in generating electricity, the integration of energy storage technologies, and the deployment of public transportation electrification. The expansion of smart grids and decentralized production also allows consumers to better control their energy use, and to even produce their own electricity. Public utilities must therefore adapt their business model by optimizing the management of their assets with the installation of information and telecommunication technologies (smart meters), to integrate renewable energy sources and storage.

A moment of pride

The launch of a new CIMA+ team in the Ontario Energy sector resulted in the development of one of Canada’s largest solar farms in 2015. The team also achieved several other renewable energy projects with the potential to generate more than 600 MW of power.

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