Our people are truly passionate about the projects that we execute. Our mission is always to put the needs of our clients at the heart of the solutions that we develop for them. This approach is extremely motivational and greatly appreciated among our clients and our people!

Yannick Maltais

, Eng., Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Buildings

Yannick Maltais has acquired more than 25 years of experience, including 15 years at CIMA+, where he has been involved in numerous projects in the buildings, transportation structures and port engineering sectors.

As Executive Vice-President, Buildings, he leads a team of more than 400 individuals working in all fields of Building Engineering covering the various markets in which CIMA+ operates in Canada. An expert in the field of structures and sustainability, Yannick works tirelessly to develop superior-quality, practical designs that are well-suited to the environment in which they are constructed. He has managed large multidisciplinary teams in conducting studies, executing design projects and supervising construction sites.

Excellence in our practices

We prioritize excellence in all of our services, and we are committed to standing apart in terms of energy efficiency, resilience to climate change and reducing the carbon footprint. We also ensure that our designs are optimized with respect to seismic behaviour and that the concepts of soil-structure interaction are taken into consideration when appropriate. Finally, we firmly believe in the importance of innovation in executing the projects that we are entrusted with, and in the integration of building information modelling (BIM) as an approach to ensure collaboration and success in our projects.

The importance of cooperation

Working in cooperation with clients, professionals and other stakeholders is fundamental to ensuring that the solutions that we propose are properly adapted to current and future needs, and that they meet all of the requirements of the project at hand. Teamwork is a core value at CIMA+ and an essential element in the success of our projects.

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