Another step towards tomorrow’s reality: Hybrid work at CIMA+

The rapid progression of vaccination and the safe gradual resumption of normal activities are underway across the country. Returning to the “new reality” will entail the progressive reintegration of our offices and will require us to review our workspaces.

The specifics of our industry allow us to adapt to this new reality in various ways.

In order to adapt to this new reality, we will promote a hybrid model for reintegrating our offices.

Our vision

We wish to offer a work environment that takes into consideration our business needs and those of our teams. We believe that our hybrid work model will allow for combining the benefits of both working in the office and teleworking.

  • Better working conditions
  • Work schedule that reflects our employees’ habits and lifestyle
  • Increased team productivity and effectiveness
  • Breaking down of regional borders to attract new talents from regions other than those where our offices are currently located
  • Relationships based on trust and autonomy
  • More opportunities to interact in person with colleagues
  • Increased mobilization and motivation through maintaining a balance between working in the office and teleworking

Our offices’ new vocation

With the new hybrid work model, the vocation of our offices will inevitably change. Our objective is to offer our employees a stimulating environment conducive to living an optimal work experience. CIMA+ offices will be converging points for collaboration and social interactions. CIMA+ offices will be converging points for collaboration and social interactions.

  • Mix of assigned individual (limited) and shared spaces
  • Workstation diversification: Assigned personal spaces (cubicles or private offices) are no longer the only possible option, more shared spaces for collaboration and social interactions will be available

Various scenarios to better support our teams across Canada

Our teams have different realities. This is why we propose several options in order to meet our employees’ personal and professional needs.

The need for our team members to be present in the office may vary based on their role: some may be required to be in the office full time to ensure the orderly conduct of our activities, whereas others could be required to come in only a few days a week.

Based on CIMA+’s needs and those of our employees, teleworking and working in the office are two possible options. Employees will need to consult their manager and agree on a hybrid work schedule including both remote and in-house workdays.

Due to their essential role, teams assigned to construction sites and those who need to carry out field work or perform their tasks on clients’ premises or in our offices will pursue their work in person where their physical presence is required.

We strongly believe that our flexible and nimble approach will allow our people to enjoy a work environment that is respectful of their needs in terms of professional development and work-personal life balance.

If you wish to evolve within an organization who places people at the centre of its activities, we have several job openings across Canada, and we will be very happy to meet you and provide more information. Find out more about jobs on our website. 



– François Plourde

President and CEO

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