CIMA+ the MIFO: Cultural and community engineering

On May 18, 2021, the MIFO announced a new partnership with CIMA+ for the purpose of carrying out one of the most ambitious projects in the history of our organization.

Our Project Management Team will work with the MIFO to construct a new building that meets the highest standards for cultural and community centres and the most stringent standards for sustainable development. The MIFO has all of the tools it needs to move ahead with its Destination : ouverture en 2024! project at full speed.

The approach used by our Project Management Team is inspired by best industry practices, and builds upon lessons learned and experience gained across numerous mandates. Our consulting experience ensures the success of projects entrusted to us through rigorous and efficient management of the deadlines, costs, quality and risks involved in these projects.

About the project

During construction, the project will create at least 200 jobs and contribute a minimum of $20M to the local GDP. Once the Nouveau MIFO building is completed, 300 full-time workers – mainly women and young people – will collectively inject more than $13M into the local GDP on an annual basis. This is in addition to tens of thousands of users who will breathe life into the spaces that are created by thriving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a cultural centre that is three times bigger, more accessible and respectful of the environment.

“Thanks to our association with a seasoned team like CIMA+, our dream will become a reality. We are eager to work with them to complete the new phases of the construction project, and we are even more eager to welcome our community to our new facility.”

  • Trèva Cousineau, MIFO President

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