Denis Thivierge is appointed Chief Operating Officer

Laval, February 11, 2020 — François Plourde, President and CEO of CIMA+, announces the appointment of Denis Thivierge as Chief Operating Officer. He will take office on March 2, 2020, following Jean-Pierre Normand’s retirement.

“Since his joining the management team, Denis Thivierge demonstrated leadership and great ability to effectively respond to clients’ needs and ensure sound financial management. Therefore, it is with enthusiasm that I announce Denis’s appointment to his new role as a leader, as approved by the Board of Directors on December 11, 2019”, says François Plourde.

With 25 years of experience in engineering, Denis Thivierge joined CIMA+ in 2007 as Vice President, Buildings—Greater Montreal Area. Under his leadership, the number of clients and the revenues for this sector grow an average of 15% annually. Over the past four years, he also directed the Montreal Office, and became a member of the Executive Committee where he rapidly stood out with his effective management of large-scale issues and his innovative ideas.

Denis Thivierge understands the necessity to rethink the employees’ work environment, and particularly for those of the new generation who represent CIMA+’s growth engine for years to come. Redevelopment and densification of workspaces, implementation of new satellite offices, investment in a better work-personal life balance … all of which are measures he stands for, and are part of CIMA+’s commitment to sustainability.

Innovation for a better future

As Chief Operation Officer, Denis Thivierge intends to engage all expertise and corporate sectors, in order to standardize and optimize existing processes, in addition to implementing tomorrow’s technological tools that will be necessary to ensure consistent and effective development of operations at CIMA+.

Among other things, he “wishes to actively contribute to the firm’s Canada-wide growth plan, oversee the preservation of CIMA+’s culture and values, introduce performance indicators relevant to planning, as well as to the management of its activities, and implement the resources, programs and policies necessary to ensure the successful execution of the firm’s strategic plan”.

Another of his objectives: further develop a collaborative work model, as well as shared and effective tools, decompartmentalize some isolated practices that would benefit from the expertise already available at CIMA+, optimize the firm’s growth and profitability by leveraging measures that are steadfastly forward-looking and which ensure the commitment of employees who are happy at work.

In a nutshell, working together to scale new heights, faster.

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