When CIMA+ engineers realized that their clients had a genuine need not only for engineering services but also for the implementation of automated solutions adapted to their operations, they founded Pragtec, whose mission is to design and manufacture smart customized technological solutions that can be adapted based on each project’s specific requirements.

By closely following the evolution of the market and organizations’ needs, Pragtec undertook the mission of designing, developing, and marketing process automation solutions for organizations and business people. 

Our approach

In partnership with CIMA+, Pragtec offers solutions that will allow organizations and business people to optimize their effectiveness and therefore acquire significant competitive advantages. But Pragtec mission does not stop there. Born from a company whose culture has always been focused on client care, Pragtec is able to provide you with solutions tailor-made to your specific needs.

Whether you are looking for an industrial process control algorithm, electronic device or circuits, Pragtec will design a customized solution for you.


Our specialized services

You can trust our multidisciplinary professionals to meet your requirements and expectations. We offer a complete range of services to successfully deliver your projects, from start to finish.


Panel assembly

More particularly, our Pannelier division is specialized in the manufacturing and installation of custom-made control panels and serial panels, whether they are designed by our team, the client's teams or a consulting engineering firm. We are capable of providing panels adapted to your specific needs, Intertek approved, assembled, inspected, packaged and delivered, in compliance with the highest quality standards to which we adhere.

The effectiveness of our Pannelier division is based on the selection of cutting-edge products of superior quality, timeliness, outstanding customer care and installation services, guided by a constant attention to quality.

  • Relay logic control panels
  • PLC or DCS control panels
  • Safety/security panels
  • Motor starting control or VFD power output panels (Intertek 400 amps, 600 volts)
  • Mixed panels (combining PLC, safety, or power)
  • Instrumentation panels
  • Protection and auxiliary service panels
Research and development on control systems and industrial control equipment

Your organization needs specialized electronic devices, automated systems, or machine tool control.

We offer the services of our team specialized in electronics and automation to help you successfully achieve your most ambitious projects. The knowledge and expertise of our specialists in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are recognized throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Our coordinates

26, boulevard Comeau, Baie-Comeau (Québec) G4Z 3A8
1 418-296-6711

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