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MONTREAL, February 27, 2024—CIMA+, one of Canada’s largest privately-owned consulting engineering firms, is proud to announce that it has achieved the Silver level of its Parity Certification awarded by Women in Governance. One year after obtaining its first Bronze level certification, CIMA+ has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to parity within the company. Women in Governance’s Parity Certification assessment includes more than 75 quantitative and qualitative criteria, taking into account the multiple facets of diversity in the advancement of women’s careers. By undergoing Women in Governance’s assessment process, CIMA+ exemplifies the importance it places on promoting women in the workplace, at all levels of the company.

CIMA+ demonstrates its commitment to parity by having a Board of Directors of 4 women out of 7 members, as well as an Executive Committee of 30% women.

“In our efforts to offer professional and personal development opportunities for all, we have implemented mentoring and leadership development programs for women, in addition to improving our maternity leave policy,” explains Denis Thivierge, President and CEO. “It’s important to provide an environment in which the next generation of women can flourish in engineering, and we believe this recognition shows just how important our initiatives are.”



About CIMA+

CIMA+ provides a variety of consulting engineering services, namely in the areas of buildings, infrastructure, transportation, energy and resources, project management, communication systems, and the environment. The search for excellence has been part of our DNA since our founding in 1990, and our teams draw on decades of experience acquired across Canada to deliver quality projects that meet our clients’ expectations. This commitment has allowed CIMA+ to rank among the largest private consulting engineering firms in the country. Today, with over 30 offices across Canada, CIMA+ employs more than 3,000, most of whom share ownership in the company.

At CIMA+, we believe that our job aims at improving the lives of those around us. Sustainable solutions inspired by engineering help meet the many challenges of today and tomorrow. Because when you engineer for people, you also engineer for a better world.

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About the Women in Governance Parity Certification

The Women in Governance Parity Certification starts with a thorough diagnostic of an organization’s position on the gender parity spectrum as it pertains to the strategies (culture and commitments) and actions (communications, policy and programs) and the results they yield. Following this assessment, the customized report outlines best practices and the key drivers to enable an organization to build a roadmap to gender parity and achieve greater inclusion.

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