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Montreal, August 4, 2022 — CIMA+ announces the appointment of Gérard Geoffrion, corporate director, as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Geoffrion, a current director of the Company, succeeds Réal Plourde, who served as Chairman since 2019.

This change was ratified at a special meeting of the Board of Directors held on July 25th, during which it was also confirmed that Denis Thivierge would immediately take up his duties as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

The new Chairman of the Board, Gérard Geoffrion, stated that he is honoured to succeed Réal Plourde. “Réal Plourde is a visionary. Under his leadership, our governance has stood out for its transparency, the integration of independent members and the rigour of its interventions. By successfully combining these elements, we implemented a bold growth plan that has made CIMA+ one of the most prominent companies in its sector. In my new role, I will continue in this same direction, guided by these same values.”

Mr. Geoffrion has been a member of the CIMA+ Board of Directors since 2015. During this time, he served as Chairman of the Audit Committee and actively participated in the strategic growth of the Company. For nearly 20 years, he actively contributed to Van Houtte’s exponential growth as Executive Vice-President and later as President. Earlier in his career, he worked as an industrial engineer for six years and, after obtaining his MBA, worked in strategic planning, finance and corporate acquisitions, and sales for a dozen years.

“I would like to warmly thank Réal Plourde for his involvement in our organization. Through his experience, he brought a great deal to CIMA + and was able to guide us in an outstanding manner over the years, as CIMA + became one of the largest private engineering consultancy firms in Canada, 100% owned by its employees,” underlined the outgoing President, François Plourde.

“I believe this is the ideal time to let my colleagues take over. I would like to thank outgoing President and CEO François Plourde and all CIMA+ employees for their unwavering support in implementing the growth plan that has allowed us to occupy a most enviable position in our industry,” stated Réal Plourde.

For the new President and CEO of CIMA+, Denis Thivierge, “François Plourde will have profoundly marked the history of CIMA+ and brought the Company into a new era of prosperity. His contribution has been just like him: unifying and honest, guided by the values of our business. With the strong support of Mr. Geoffrion, I am pleased today to be able to continue along the path laid out by François.”

The CIMA+ Board of Directors, now chaired by Gérard Geoffrion, is composed of experienced independent directors Guylaine Belley, Gina Cody, Josée Morin and Richard Régimbald, as well as Denis Thivierge as President and Chief Executive Officer. Another position will be filled shortly.


About CIMA+

CIMA+ provides a variety of engineering consulting services, namely in the areas of buildings, infrastructure, transportation, energy & resources, project management, environment, and communication systems. With an ever-growing presence, CIMA+’s team relies on decades of experience acquired across Canada to offer excellence in engineering projects.

The search for excellence has been part of our DNA since our foundation in 1990. This commitment has allowed CIMA+ to rank among the largest consulting engineering firms in Canada. Today, with more than 30 offices across Canada, CIMA+ employs 2,800+ people, over half of whom share ownership in the company.

At CIMA+ we believe that engineering exists to improve the lives of those around us. Sustainable solutions inspired by engineering help meet the many challenges of today and tomorrow. Because when you engineer for people, you also engineer for a better world. For more information, please visit

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