Arc flash study and risk analysis

Arc flash studies in 19 power plants located in remote communities in Nunavut and Northern Quebec.

Qulliq Energy Corporation is a company that produces and distributes electricity by operating diesel power plants in 25 communities in Nunavut. The client was looking for a qualified consultant to carry out arc flash studies for 19 of its 26 power plants, in order to determine the required personal protective equipment (PPE) and the safety ranges to be respected for the workers.

The project required the CIMA+ team to visit the 18 communities spread over 2 million km2, which was a huge challenge due to the difficulty of accessing them, especially in winter. This experience has allowed CIMA+ to better understand the complexity of the work of Quillq Energy Corporation’s employees and to come up with a solution to facilitate their work. The CIMA+ team also proposed to conduct 3D surveys of each plant so that the client’s employees could visit the plants remotely.

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