Building an electrical vehicle (EV) charging station network in Canada and the United States

Couche-Tard/Circle K, a staple banner in the gas station and convenience store landscape in Canada and the United States, wishes to offer easy and adapted solutions for its North American customers. Couche-Tard wants to facilitate the use of electric vehicles (EVs) by implementing charging stations at several of its business locations. CIMA+ has collaborated in this project that provides users with access to a better charging station network.

The project includes several phases, the first of which consisted of defining the overall infrastructure (equipment and connections) and determining strategic locations among more than 1,000 potential sites for the installation of charging stations. Once locations were selected, CIMA+ prepared a roll-out plan for the construction of the charging stations over several years. Detailed engineering was done in a way that allows construction to be carried out according to a sequential timeline. The complete project management by CIMA+ proves to be a significant asset for the client and their project, namely by facilitating schedule follow-up.

The rolling out of Couche-Tard/Circle K charging stations is underway and CIMA+ is an active participant in the process.

For the location of Couche-Tard/Circle K charging stations, please visit their website at

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