Carmon Creek Grounding Design and Pipeline AC Interference Study

Shell Canada Energy tasked CIMA+ with performing a detailed grounding analysis for the new high-voltage substation and well pads for the Carmon Creek Project.

The grounding study was needed to verify that the HV substation and well pad areas were safe with regards to step and touch voltages as per IEEE Std 80, Alberta Electrical Utility Code (AEUC) and Canadian Electric code (CEC-2012).

The project also included a pipeline AC interference study to evaluate the induced voltages on the pipeline adjacent to the 240 kV transmission lines and 34.5 kV distribution lines for both steady-state and fault conditions. The AC interference study verified that the pipelines were safe in terms of induced voltages, step and touch voltages as per IEEE Std 80 and Canadian Electrical Code (CSA C22.3 No. 6-13).

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