Centre hospitalier universitaire Ste-Justine – “Growing up healthy”

Construction, redevelopment and modernization of the old CHUSJ hospital to add new facilities to serve the needs of the next generation of mothers and children.

Stéphane Brügger

The objective of the “Growing up healthy” project at Centre hospitalier universitaire Ste-Justine (CHUSJ), which is affiliated with Université de Montréal, is to equip the hospital with the infrastructure assets required to fulfill the institution’s mission and better serve the needs of mothers and children. The project comprises two major components that the project management sector has been involved with since 2008: expansion of the CHU (completed) and modernization of existing buildings (underway).


Component 1 (completed)

The first component, which was commissioned in December 2016, entailed expansion of the CHUSJ through the construction of two new buildings – the Specialized Care Units (SCU) Building and the Research Centre (laboratory wing) – along with a parking facility to serve them.

The SCU now comprises a seven-storey pavilion (43,269 m2) located to the west of the old building, with connections on every floor in the form of walkways and underground passages. This part of the project included 120 beds, a surgery department, a pediatric and neonatal intensive care unit, a high-risk pregnancy care unit and a birthing unit, along with medical imaging facilities. The Research Centre is a five-storey building (27,500 m2) with two auditoriums, common areas and an administrative floor for the Research Department.

The addition of these two new buildings increased the total surface area of the hospital by 65%, and was executed on a turnkey (design-construction) basis by SNC-Construction. The project was managed by our project management team in collaboration with two other firms. CIMA+ was involved in every stage of the process, from definition of needs and selection of the contractual approach to construction monitoring and procurement.


Component 2 (underway)

The second component, which began in 2017 and will be completed in 2022, consists of modernizing existing buildings by reorganizing the freed-up spaces for new uses, reconfiguring certain spaces and upgrading the structure for earthquake resistance.

This part of the “Growing up healthy” project is being managed by the project management sector in conventional project delivery mode. The CIMA+ team was given a mandate to manage the modernization program, which consists of the following stages:

  1. Relocation and redevelopment projects:
  • New pharmacy;
  • Blood bank;
  • Orthopedics unit;
  • Teaching sector.
  1. Complete redevelopment of the mother and baby unit
  2. Construction of two mechanical rooms
  3. Upgrading to meet seismic standards

As a whole, the CHUSJ “Growing up healthy” project comprises numerous challenges for the project management teams, including the following:

  • Technical complexity related to coordinating multiple interventions and stakeholders;
  • Additional execution complexity resulting from the need to carry out construction work in occupied buildings;
  • Strict infection-control protocols to be incorporated into execution requirements;
  • Planning and monitoring of an aggressive schedule for rapid delivery of the various spaces because of the nature of their utilization.
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