Centrifuge control online migration (Fort McMurray, Alberta)

Complete control system migration using the TEMPUS Online Migration Tool to fully commission the new system online, while the existing control system remained operational, allowing for a seamless switchover from the existing to the new control system.

The 500 HP centrifuges were controlled by a Honeywell system that was past its lifespan. CIMA+ used the TEMPUS Online Migration Tool to migrate an entire centrifuge control system to a new DeltaV platform, with no disruption to operations or signals. During commissioning and swing over, both control systems were receiving the same signals, and complete online commissioning was accomplished without the need for shutdowns. Utilizing this unique approach, the time required to migrate to the new platform was significantly decreased, compared to traditional methods, with loops being migrated at a rate of 10 signals per hour.

The TEMPUS Online Migration Tool developed by CIMA+, was used to migrate the control system to a new platform without the need to reduce the plant’s production. This tool is exclusive to CIMA+ and simplifies the engineering requirements to migrate complex systems, while allowing the plant to remain operational. The migration process can be carried out within a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost than other methods. One of the many benefits of utilizing this tool is that TEMPUS eliminates the need for shutdowns, decreases the migration timeframe, and allows for online commissioning of the new control system while the existing system is running the plant.

The migration project was a success for the client, as it had zero impact on the process and production. The TEMPUS Online Migration Tool also provided additional benefits to the client,

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