Connecting Canada’s Largest Solar Farm to Alberta’s Main Grid

Travers Park’s 1.3 million solar panels installed in 2022 doubled at once Alberta’s solar capacity. The park will produce 465 MW of electricity for 35 years, enough to power more than 150,000 homes and offset more than 620,000 tons of greenhouse gases each year.

CIMA+ was responsible for the design and construction supervision of the park’s high voltage substation, which connects this huge solar park to Alberta’s main electric grid. The substation, called “Little Bow”, namely includes three 240 kV-34.5 kV transformers.

This sea of solar panels is installed across farmlands spanning more than 3,330 acres (13 km2), the equivalent of 1,887 soccer fields.

The expertise of several disciplines was called upon from the review of geotechnical data to the commissioning of the substation.

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