Construction of De la Croisée Elementary School

A new place to learn for over 500 children in an energy-friendly environment.

Built in 2018, this two-storey, 4,110 m2 school was designed by CIMA+ to house 3 kindergarten and 21 regular classrooms. Our team recommended a design that maximizes energy efficiency, reduces energy needs and integrates renewable energy. Some of the measures included in this building by our design team are:

  • 18 geothermal wells for heating and cooling;
  • a reverse flow heat recovery unit to recover energy contained in evacuated air;
  • low-flow shower heads to reduce the use of domestic hot water;
  • speed controls installed on pumps and fans;
  • LED lighting fixtures for the school’s indoor and outdoor areas, access road and parking areas

Not only do the solutions implemented reduce maintenance costs, but they also reduce energy consumption and waste that is harmful to the environment.

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